Lyrical School – World’s End Review

Lyrical School World's End CD Cover

Release Date: June 19, 2018

Track Listing

  1. -Private Space-
  2. Tsuretetteyo
  3. Kieru Wakusei
  4. High5
  5. Natsuyasumi no Baby
  6. Nattsu Return
  7. Orange
  8. Call Me Tight
  9. Play It Cool
  10. Dance With You
  11. Hey!Adamski!
  12. World’s End


World’s End is the second major label album (and fourth overall) from idol rap group Lyrical School. It is also their first album since the the graduation of original group members ayaka, mei and ami in February of 2017.

Much like their previous album there are contributions from Hip-Hop producers and song writers such as ALI-KICK, SUEKKO LIONS, Bose, Ryohu (KANDYTOWN) and Anutha. The singles Natsuyasumi no Baby, Tsurette yo/Call Me Tight and DANCE WITH YOU are the featured songs from this release. That leaves seven new songs and one skit to fill the rest of the running time.

For this round Lyrical School come out with a collection of Hip-Hop that shows off their lyrical dexterity and surprisingly improved singing. Yes, when they sing the hooks they actually sound pretty decent this time. I don’t know if it had to do with the constantly changing lineup or if someone finally noticed that singing was not their best attribute and worked on fixing that.

The beginning of the album is where you will several up-tempo songs such as Tsuretette yo, High5 and Natsuyasumi no BABY that blur the lines between idol pop and Hip-Hop. Even though these songs showcase a unique twist on the Hip-Hop formula they may not appeal to those with purist sensibilities and if you’re looking for something closer to modern American or Korean street Hip-Hop you’re barking up the wrong tree here.

For crate diggers you can pat your self on the back if you can can point out the sample used in Natsuyasumi no BABY. The difficulty level is pretty low for this one so it shouldn’t be too hard to figure it out.

The second half of World’s End is where something closer to a natural Hip-Hop sound can be found. Tracks such as Nattsu Return, Orange, Dance With You and the title track World’s End are the songs on this album that will satisfy those who want more beat-centric material from Lyrical School. The latter is the one song that will stick out the most with its slower beat, rock influences and the fact that it sounds completely different from everything else.

At the tail end of the album are two dance oriented songs worth mentioning. Play It Cool starts off sounding a bit like a UK 2-Step track during the verses but develops more into a full on four on the floor Garage beat once the chorus hits. Hey!Adamski! on the other hand is a straightforward 4/4 track with a funk feel.

It appears that Lyrical School have found their groove in regards to the type of idol Hip-Hop they want to present and are now in the process of refining some of their rough edges. (i.e. their singing) If you skip the opening skit you have an album that has a logical flow and no dead spots or filler tracks that kill the energy.

Overall World’s End is a pretty good second major label effort and much like their other albums and singles it is recommended for those who want a bit of idol in their Hip-Hop or vice versa.

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