Wu-Tang 25: Logic’s Wu Tang Forever

Wu-Tang 25: Quarter Century of Shaolin is a year-long series celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Wu-Tang Clan’s Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).

I had another idea for this month’s installment, but when news broke that Logic got the entire Clan on his latest album, I pivoted to this.

Logic did what Wu-Tang couldn’t do recently which was to unite everyone, U-God included, and I’m so glad it came together in this fashion.

Shout-out to Naz & 6ix for the production. Drums sound like classic RZA with a main groove that’s grimy and simple, they captured that signature Wu-Tang sound. It was also a great touch to open with the same classic martial arts samples from Bring Da Ruckus. 

I like Logic well enough. He’s appeared on some songs that I’ve liked, especially the back & forth he has with Royce on Mode II from the deluxe version of the first PRhyme album. But I can’t claim to be a big fan, cause frankly his music doesn’t do much for me. But I can’t deny the passionate following he has developed, and for him to get all of Wu together (which is a huge accomplishment in itself), and introduce them to his young fan base who most likely don’t know who Wu-Tang is or ever heard a song of theirs is great. Having their first charting single 16 years is evidence of that fact. I like his verse cause even with the typical rap bravado, it comes off as a Gary Payton lob to Shawn Kemp. He’s in and out to set the stage for the Wu to come through. 

I can’t lie, I really enjoyed hearing all of the Wu together. Nobody wins when the family feuds. Everything just sounds right. As on The Saga Continues, Meth sounds the most energized by the song. On top of that, lines like “Y’all don’t even smile in your pictures, you dudes is miserable” and weaving a Digable Planets and a Patti LaBelle reference together, Meth has the best verse on the song.  

Shout-out to Logic for putting this together. Perhaps this is the first real step to a full Wu album, with everyone present. Here’s hoping.

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