MONKEY MAJIK releases new song, Borderline

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Borderline is the theme song for the Nippon TV series Burari Tochu Gesha no Tabi, broadcast from April through June. The song was written primarily for the program. With its refreshing guitar line and light rhythmic groove, this easygoing medium-tempo song features a gentle melody and lyrics filled with a sense of travel, carrying the listener one step further toward their destination.


Monkey Majik 2023 Profile Picture

MONKEY MAJIK is a four-piece hybrid rock band based in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, comprising Canadian brothers Maynard (vocals and guitar) and Blaise (vocals and guitar) and Japanese rhythm section TAX (drums) and DICK (bass).

The band released their first single, Fly, in 2006. Their second single, Around The World, was used as the theme song for the Fuji TV drama series Saiyuki and became an explosive hit. Later, their song, Sora wa Marude, was featured in a commercial and established the band’s unique artistry.

Since then, MONKEY MAJIK has written countless songs for commercials, TV drama series, anime series, and movies while collaborating with and producing songs for numerous other artists. In 2011, following the major earthquake and tsunami in Japan’s Tohoku region, where the band is based, MONKEY MAJIK was appointed Tourism and Goodwill Ambassador of Tohoku.

Later, the same year, they supported the SEND Ai recovery project, participating in charity concerts and auctions; the band has supported the recovery in the Tohoku region since then.

They are also active overseas, performing world tours, including shows in Asia and North America.

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