YOJI BIOMEHANIKA’s ‘2022 REWORKED’ project reaches its 4th release, as classic anthem ‘LOOK@THE HEAVEN’ returns after 20 years

YOJI BIOMEHANIKA’s ‘2022 REWORKED’ project reaches its 4th release as the classic anthem ‘LOOK@THE HEAVEN’ returns after 20 years


As a leading icon in the hard-dance music scene, world-renowned Japanese DJ and producer YOJI BIOMEHANIKA has released more than 50 singles and 12 albums worldwide. On Friday, November 25, ‘LOOK@THE HEAVEN (A REWORKED MIX FOR agefarre 2022)’ was released, becoming the fourth installment in the ‘2022 REWORKED’ series that began in August as a way to update YOJI’s timeless masterpieces as brand new versions.

‘LOOK@THE HEAVEN’ is a classic track that has been beloved by dance music fans worldwide since 2000 when it was first released as a 12-inch vinyl. The track has since evolved along with YOJI’s career.

In 2001, a version titled ‘LOOK@THE HEAVEN (THE REMIX WHICH DEDICATE TO IMPULZ × DANCE VALLEY)’ was included in YOJI’s set at the Dance Valley 2001 festival in Holland, and in 2015, ‘LOOK@THE HEAVEN (2015 OWN REWORK)’ was included on ‘Chapter X,’ YOJI’s first album in 11 years – making it a track that has been continually updated at critical events in his career.

This latest updated and polished version, ‘A REWORKED MIX FOR agefarre 2022′, was specially prepared for YOJI’s performance at an event titled “ageHa THE FESTIVAL Vol.01 “agefarre 2022″ -Open Air-,” held in 2022 in Odaiba, Tokyo. With an intense kick and snare exchange, an accelerating tempo, a divine break and a dramatic melody, this is one of dance music’s greatest anthems.

The previous three releases in the ‘2022 REWORKED’ series – ‘DING A LING (2022 REWORKED MIX)’, ‘SEDUCTION (2022 REWORKED MIX)’ and ‘RECOVERY (2022 REWORKED MIX)’ – have all remained in the iTunes Store Dance Chart, reconfirming the innovative touch of Japan’s maestro producer, YOJI BIOMEHANIKA.

Following a performance on November 19 at SINNER’S PARADISE at Enso Event Centre in Vancouver, Canada, YOJI BIOMEHANIKA has further sets planned in December and into 2023, both in Japan and overseas. Don’t miss this veteran of Japan’s dance music scene as he continues to soar to heights.

Release information


Title: ‘LOOK@THE HEAVEN (A REWORKED MIX FOR agefarre 2022)’
Release date: Friday, November 25, 2022
Format: Digital release
Label: avex EDM



In the late 1970s, the young man who would become YOJI BIOMEHANIKA immersed himself in advanced music such as noise, musique concrète, and overdubs. Later, he resonated with the futurist movement that rolled out in the ’80s amidst the evolution of digital technology in the form of MIDI. He found his identity in its technology-oriented, danceable sound-making opportunities and alternative appearance.

In the early ’90s, he started his career as a dance music producer and DJ under the name YOJI BIOMEHANIKA. He released numerous works on bleeding-edge labels in Germany, the UK, and Japan, and quickly gained attention. He rose to stardom as a leading figure in the NU-NRG scene and created a following known as “Hanikers.”

With the arrival of the Millennium in 2000, the NU ERA was filled with expectations for the dawning of a new future. But instead, YOJI BIOMEHANIKA expanded his activities globally, launching the label HELLHOUSE with London as its distribution base, and released 12-inch singles of his original tracks. Each release has made the charts.

He has released many DJ MIX compilations in Japan and abroad, handpicking a list of popular DJs to participate.

In 2001, he released his first artist album, ‘TECHNICOLOR NRG SHOW’ on avex (released overseas by ID&T in the Netherlands) and the first Japanese DJ live DVD, ‘TECHNICOLOR NRG SHOWCASE’ in Japan.

With a powerful stage presence and a string of original works that have become global anthems, he has jet-set across the globe to Western, Eastern and Central Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, and Oceania, where he broke out with an unprecedented run of performances including Mysteryland, Defqon-.1, Dance Valley, Tomorrowland, In Control, EDC, Creamfields, and many more.

He was the headliner at Sensation Black in Amsterdam for a groundbreaking two years in a row and has frequently ranked in the DJ Mag Top 100, climbing to the 32nd position – unparalleled for a Japanese artist.

In 2003, he won the Grand Prix at the Hard Dance Awards, established in the UK in its first year; in 2011, he won two awards – Outstanding Contribution and Best International DJ Asia – in recognition of his contribution to the scene.

His achievement in bringing hard electronic dance music from the underground to the mainstream market is a milestone in music history. Moreover, it is one of the reasons why he is considered an industry legend.

He began performing under the artist name YOJI (without BIOMEHANIKA) in 2007, advocating a hybrid music style known as Tech Dance that shifts more toward techno. He has had many hits such as ‘SIX HOURS,’ ‘TECHY TECHY,’ ‘AIRPORT,’ and others. After about seven years of musical exploration under this style, he returned to his identity by performing a melodic big-room sound.

In 2015 he returned to the name YOJI BIOMEHANIKA, rebooting his original persona with a full heart. He released his third album, ‘CHAPTER X’ on avex EDM, his first album in 11 years, and all the single cuts from the album ranked highly on iTunes.

In 2016, he launched the ‘BANGINGLOBE’ label (under dieTunes) as a platform for his overseas work. Releases from avex in Japan are released overseas on this label, and each release has entered the world dance charts.

In addition, all three parts of the digital album ‘A QUARTER CENTURY OF YOJI BIOMEHANIKA,’ a compilation of YOJI’s musical history released at the end of 2017, ranked in Beatport’s Top 5 albums.

In 2018, a rework of one of his signature tracks, ‘HARDSTYLE DISCO (2018 REVERSE BASS EDIT)’, was released and received a GOLD rating in a review from DJ Mag. The track is a massive anthem that continues to be loved by many artists around the world, and NWYR (W&W) performed a cover of the original track at Tomorrowland in 2017, where it became a scene sensation.

The remix by Da Tweekaz and Sub Zero Project was released on avex EDM in Japan and Dirty Workz in Belgium and became a mega-hit.

In the same year, he supervised the production of Japan’s first major hardstyle compilation, ‘BANGINGLOBE PRESENTS SUPER HARDSTYLE’ (avex EDM), which reached No.1 on the iTunes dance chart on its first day of release.

During the covid-19 pandemic, YOJI has begun to face himself deeply and develop his activities to pursue his unique personality. He has updated many of the songs he has written over his 30 years of activity and is now ready to demonstrate the true value of YOJI BIOMEHANIKA as an artist.

Official website: https://yojibiomehanika.net/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/yojidotdj
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yoji_biomehanika/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yojiofficial
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/59J5BYhI2gAZ8TFJx5VCPv


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