NewJeans – Attention (Selective Hearing Dance Remix)

NewJeans New Jeans Cover Art

Release Date: Aug 1, 2022
Key: Bb Minor
BPM: 115

NewJeans is HYBE’s newest girl group. Debuting under the ADOR sub-label, the group became a hot topic for their fresh (some say too fresh) look and throwback R& B sound.

The first song released from their debut EP is a mid-tempo R&B song called Attention. This track will bring back fond memories for those who recall when this style of R&B dominated the genre in the 90s and early 2000s.

With Attention being a call back to the style of music of the formative days of my teenage years, I instantly took a liking to it. Its minimalist production style left a lot of options open when stripping the track to its separate elements.

For my second remix of Attention, I decided against re-inventing the wheel. The song is so good that messing with it too much is something that would take away from its charms. So rather than taking the music into a territory it has no business in, I stuck with surrounding the core of the track with a beat that fits within the era of music that inspires Attention.

That means a composition similar to the radio-friendly dance-pop that was popular in the 90s and early 2000s. I had to speed up the track’s tempo a little bit to get the feeling right. But it’s not a severe increase that the vocals are adversely affected.

The final mix came together faster than I had anticipated since I had all the chords from the previous remix. So I had more time to focus on some little things within the arrangement to get the overall mood right. I believe it was worth the time to invest in those tiny details.

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