OCJ NEWBIES Renamed as XODIAC and Wins Two Weibo Account Festival Awards Ahead of Debut


The new boy group begins to make history in K-pop before its official debut.

Coming off the heels of announcing a new name last week, the group now known as XODIAC, previously known as NEWBIES, is continuing to stake their claim in K-Pop as the most recent musical force in the industry.

Recently, the group made waves in the music and fashion worlds as the first K-Pop band to land four major magazine shoots before their official debut. In addition, the group has made its presence known differently by winning big at the global Weibo Account Festival held in Japan on December 20.

Earlier this year, the company One Cool Jacso Entertainment opened official SNS accounts for their new trainee boy group, OCJ NEWBIES, announcing the thirteen members already confirmed for the line-up.

With members hailing from Korea and Hong Kong and the first-ever male idol from Indonesia, the group is already poised and ready to reach global stardom.

As one of the first rookie groups to officially receive not one but two awards, there’s undoubtedly some bite to their bark. The group as a collective received an award for “Potential New Boys Group,” and XODIAC leader Lex is one of the first solo pre-debut artists to receive the “Fashion Rookie” award.


The WEIBO Account Festival 2022 is an award ceremony that recognizes global actors, artists, cultural figures, characters, and companies active in China’s largest social media “WEIBO,” and has a significant influence in China, with many of the recipients honoured being Japanese.

In addition to the award ceremony, the red carpet was held while XODIAC members Lex and Beomsoo were on hand to accept awards and show off their outfits from Dolce & Gabbana.


Having already been featured in major fashion magazines such as Cosmopolitan, ELLE MEN, Harper’s Bazaar, and Men’s Uno – all from Hong Kong – several members were sporting ensembles from Louis Vuitton, Moschino, Saint Laurent, and Fendi, so there are no doubt that this multifaceted group will strive to make their mark.

Talent is served in abundance with these boys. Group and dance leader Lex has been learning modern dance since childhood and has won several national dancing awards in Korea.

Members Dongbin and Hyunsik are well-known to the public for being contestants on the hit survival TV program Produce X 101. Other members have also been past contestants on music competition shows such as Loud, World Klass, We Are Young and Stars Awakening.

XODIAC is one of the most highly-anticipated boy groups set to debut in early 2023. Follow the social media accounts below to stay current on upcoming projects.


Connect with XODIAC:
Instagram: @xodiacofficial


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