PASSPO – Cinema Trip Review

Release Date: February 15, 2017

Track Listing

  1. Popcorn Bought?
  2. Music Navigation
  3. 7’s Up (Cinema Trip Ver.)
  4. Playground
  5. Mr. Wednesday
  6. Love Refrain
  7. Nasa! ~なんであいつ好きなんだ、嗚呼~
  8. Fukutsu no Resistance
  9. Weekday Queens
  10. Minority Hero
  11. Gimme Gimme Action
  12. Film
  13. Bachelorette wa Owaranai


PASSPO have been fairly proficient in releasing albums every year. So much that it has been become a guarantee that you should at least get one album from them be it a new set of songs or a best of compilation of some sort.

With that in mind it can also be said that they have their trademark rock influenced sound down to a science. Cinema Trip could be just another day in the office for them. Much of the material on this album does not necessarily push them very far out of their well-established boundaries.

It isn’t until the song Playground that you get a taste of something with some distinctive traits that makes one think that this isn’t a typical PASSPO type of song. In the case of Playground it is the heavier overall tone and the incorporation of a bit of a funk element in the instrumentation.

Follow that up with Fukutsu no Rejisutansu and the high energy NASA! ~なんであいつ好きなんだ、嗚呼~ and you get the hint that there are still some musical avenues that PASSPO has only dipped their toes into that could be further explored in the future.

Even with the few hints of some experimentation in their sound, Cinema Trip is still very much par for the course for a PASSPO album. Fans of their brand of catchy idol pop/rock will be very satisfied with this effort. Those expecting a bit more with the group getting five albums deep might leave a little less satisfied.

Cinema Trip (First Class Edition)

Cinema Trip (Economy Class Edition)

Cinema Trip

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