Charli XCX – Number 1 Angel Review

Charli XCX Number 1 Angel CD Cover

Release Date: March 10. 2017

Track Listing

  1. Dreamer feat. Starrah and Raye
  2. 3 AM (Pull Up) feat. M0
  3. Blame It On You
  4. Roll With Me
  5. Emotional
  6. ILY2
  7. White Roses
  8. Babygirl feat. Uffie
  9. Drugs feat. Abra
  10. Lipgloss feat. Cupcakke


Number 1 Angel is a mixtape by English singer/songwriter Charli XCX. It comes ahead of her the release of her untitled third studio album and features collaborations with PC Music’s AG Cook and other artists such as M0, Starrah, Cupcakke and Abra.

At 10 tracks long and a scant 37 minutes long Number 1 Angel is quick romp through a variety of genres including R&B, Hip-Hop and Electro Pop. On the surface that might not feel like a lot of content but the in the case of this mixtape it is quality over quantity.

Much of Number 1 Angel is pure pop goodness, although not exactly in the “radio friendly” way. There is a bit of an aggressive feel to the club inspired beats and the slick production on these 10 tracks happens to mask some of the darker lyrical content in parts.

That makes for a rather engaging musical journey with tracks such as Blame It On You, Roll With Me, Emotional and Babygirl being notable examples of the sound represented on this album. In a way this mixtape reminds me a little bit of the type of music found on DJ Rap’s 1999 album Learning Curve which took a similar kind of musical approach to Number 1 Angel.

The only real downside to this album is that some of the slower paced songs might be a slight drag for some to get through. Otherwise Number 1 Angel is a really good (and really short) stop gap until Charli XCX releases her third album proper.

Number 1 Angel

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