PURPLE KISS – Into Violet Review


Release Date: March 16, 2021

Track Listing

  1. Intro: Crown
  2. Ponzona
  3. Can We Talk Again
  4. Skip Skip
  5. Hello
  6. My Heart Skip a Beat
  7. Period


In March of 2018, RBW started a YouTube channel called 365 practice to give their female trainees some exposure before their placement into a group.

Two years later, the group to be formed was announced through a debut trailer and they were christened PURPLE KISS. Shortly after the trailer dropped, the seven members of the group were revealed to the public.

  • Ireh – Dance, Vocal
  • Swan – Maknae, Vocal
  • Yuki – Rap, Dance
  • Na Go Eun – Vocal, Dance
  • Chaein – Vocal, Dance
  • Park Ji Eun – Vocak
  • Dosie – Dance, Vocal

Some of the names on this list may be familiar to viewers of K-Pop survival shows. Na Go Eun and Park Ji Eun were contestants on Produce 48. Dosie was on MIXNINE, and Chaein was on K-Pop Star seasons 1 and 3.

Before making their official debut with Into Violet on March 15, 2021, PURPLE KISS released two pre-debut singles, My Heart Skip a Beat and Can We Talk Again. Both are included on this EP.

These two songs represent the two sides that PURPLE KISS presents to the world on Into Violet. The former, along with this EP’s lead single Ponzona and Skip Skip, are aggressive girl crush types of material. The latter, when paired with Hello and Period, displays a softer side of the group.

PURPLE KISS is equally adept at both concepts thanks to their members’ versatile vocal abilities. In that respect, they are similar to their seniors MAMAMOO.

Into Violet as a whole is a solid debut. Unlike many debuts, there aren’t one or two big songs and then filler. It seems like there was some consideration for getting as much attention on PURPLE KISS as possible with consistent music that shows off the strengths of the group. Given that various group members have had their hands in either the lyrics or composition it feels like that has been accomplished.

With a strong showing such as this, PURPLE KISS will be a group to keep an eye on.

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