Cherry Bullet – Cherry Rush Review

Cherry Bullet Cherry Rush Cover

Release Date: January 20, 2021

Track Listing

  1. Love So Sweet
  2. Follow Me
  3. Keep Your Head Up
  4. Whatever
  5. Ting-a-ring-a-ring


The last time we looked at a Cherry Bullet release was 2020’s Hands Up, Cherry Bullet’s foray into an edgier, street-oriented sound. Their follow-up came in the form of a bright and cheery late summer song called Aloha Oe that moved them in the opposite direction into bubblegum pop territory.

Their first release of 2021 is their first mini-album entitled Cherry Rush. Its lead single Love So Sweet is a reasonably good indicator of what to expect from this album. Mainly uptempo dance-pop meant to test your speaker’s limits.

Love So Sweet is a much better a-side than either Hands Up or Aloha Oe. It has little touches of the Synthwave sound combined with some traits from pop-oriented EDM. It feels similar to Q&A and Really Really in regards to being earworm worthy.

The remainder of Cherry Rush continues to feed the pop senses with catchy beats and hooks. Follow Me and Keep Your Head Up are the tracks that tend to stand out the most among the three uptempo songs.

The final track on Cherry Rush is a mid-tempo pop song titled Ting-a-ring-a-ring that shows off the softer side of Cherry Bullet. They haven’t done a song similar to this since Violet, so it’s nice to hear them go to the slower type of songs again.

With their senior group, AOA, prematurely going to idol heaven due to several unfortunate circumstances, Cherry Bullet is now the only female idol group left at FNC Entertainment. That leaves them in a position to establish themselves further if given the opportunity.

They have come out strong in 2021 with Cherry Rush after laying low in 2020. Hopefully, this album is a sign of more to come as the year progresses. It would be a shame to let this group flounder now that they have found their footing with this release.

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