Random Viewing: Queendom Episode 03

Episode 3 of Queendom had (G)I-DLE setting the performance order for the cover battle. The basically set the same order as before until Minnie came running up at the last minute to make a change. She swapped Park Bom and AOA’s positions.

This meant that MAMAMOO and AOA wold be performing back to back which they believed would be fun. AOA liked the swap as it allowed them to sit back and watch the other teams rather than sit around until the end like in the first round.

Once the performance order was set it was time for each artists to select the song they want to cover. MAMAMOO wanted to select a song that showed a little more than what they normally do.


The process of choosing an AOA song was difficult for them since the vocal range of their songs was quite high. They settled on “Good Luck” after finding it fit their voices the best. Each member decided on interpreting the song differently during their solos. Solar went with a Big Band concept, Moonbyul leaned toward Hip-Hop and Hwasa decided on either African or Reggae music.

AOA on the other hand were happy they achieved their goal performing as a five for the first time. They went through several MAMAMOO songs finding they could not do ones with narration, friendly touching or direct eye contact.


They decided on “Egotistic” and started coming up with ideas for their version such as hiring dancers who specialize in voguing and dressing up in suits. They once again mentioned they didn’t care about rank but still wanted to try hard to put on the best stage.

Park Bom was disappointed in placing 5th. Her pride was hurt since she was always used to winning. She felt perhaps she was a little to arrogant depending on her vocals only to get her votes. For this round she wanted to add a performance element as other groups did that in the first round.

She chose “Hann” as her cover song. Rather than stick with the original arrangement she wanted to change up the instrumentation to something stronger and within the Hip-Hop genre confident that with these choices she would take first place.


While the artists were deciding their song choices a new element was introduced into the competition. The Queendom Quest, where they have to do a simple mission in order to get the chance of randomly selecting one of 5 bonuses:


  • 1 day free pass to watch rehearsals
  • Special effect free pass
  • One-time cue sheet change
  • Free pass for song choice in round 2
  • Staff Chance


MAMAMOO went with sticky note shake off quest where one member must shake off 60 sticky notes off her body in 1 minute by dancing. Solar managed to complete the challenge successfully but their benefit was not revealed.

AOA chose the mission to have 3 members eat a lemon and whistle after. They failed miserably after Hyejeong tapped out to the big lemon she devoured.

On performance day the artists were ready to go. The rules of the second round were explained to the audience by the MCs. They can vote for 2 artists, but not the same one twice. The point allocation for round 2 is 10,000. 7000 points from the audience vote, 2000 from the special evaluator votes (this time security staff) and 1000 from the self-evaluation.

MAMAMOO were up to bat first with their cover of AOA’s “Good Luck.” They felt some pressure as they were not performing their own song. When asked what the audience should expect from their stage, they said there will be a mini-concert from each member.

Their cover of “Good Luck” covered a multitude of genres as planned and made it sound very different from it’s pop origins. There were also several moments that had the girls watching in the back popping off including Hwasa’s booty popping on the floor, Solar grabbing her boobs and Wheein’s sexy solo section.


It was a strong opener that had all the signatures of a MAMAMOO performance and it indeed felt like a concert. AOA quite enjoyed their interpretation of “Good Luck” according to the post performance interviews.

AOA confidently hit the stage for their cover of MAMAMOO’s “Egotistic”. They said their performance is something they never tried before and it would be very fun. They also whored for votes even though they don’t really care about the rankings. Or so they say.

MAMAMOO were curious about how AOA would cover their song as they were not accustomed to anyone else singing their material. Their questions were soon answered as Jimin started off hot by spitting a few bars before the first verse kicked in.

As the performance continued AOA showed off a cooler, unseen side that had some watching in the back and in the audience in shock. Max excitement was reached when their crew of special dancers hit the stage and got buck wild.

Afterwards MAMAMOO commented that their song changed so much and if AOA said it was theirs people would believe them. The other artists applauded AOA for putting on a cool stage.


When asked how they felt when the performance was over. The short answer was “Great”.

The final performer of the episode was Park Bom. She wanted to do a good job since (G)I-DLE were so enthusiastic have her cover their song. Everyone was excited to see what she would come up with for her cover of “Hann”.

As promised Bom delivered on having a stage that focused on more than just vocal gymnastics. She transformed “Hann” into a style similar to 2NE1 putting her in a nice comfort zone.


Since there was a rapping section in the song she brought out Cheetah to cover those duties much to the delight of Soyeon and several of the others artists watching in the back. This appeared to be a much better outing than her round 1 performance and (G)I-DLE were honoured to see how their song was interpreted commenting that she took on a song sung by 6 people by herself. In her post performance interview Bom was relieved to get through the song and hoped to get good results from it.

The show ended with a teaser of OH MY GIRL hitting the stage in hanboks. Would they get redemption for their poor round 1? Find out in the next episode.


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