Random Viewing: Tofu Pro Wrestling THE REAL 2018 WIP Queendom

Momo Kawamoto (Kawamoto Saya), Gregorio Anna (Aja Kong), Long Speech Yokoyama (Yokoyama Yui) vs. Anti-Slip Makiko (Saito Makiko), Kuiuchi Matsumoto (Matsumoto Kaori), Voice Yamada (Yamada Noe)

The second last match of the night was a six-person tag team match featuring an actual professional wrestler as one of the participants. The actual wrestler being Aja Kong going under the ring name of Gregorio Anna for this event. She joined the team from the Kinshicho gym consisting of Momo Kawamoto and Long Speech Yokyama as they battled the Shirokane faction of Kuichi Matsumura, Voice Yamada and their new member Anti-Slip Makiko.

The customary long promo from Yokoyama preceded the start of the match. Before really got rolling Matsumura approached her, grabbed the mic out of her hands and cut her own long promo before the bell rang.

With all the talking over the match started with Kawamoto and Yamada (sporting new face paint to align with the rest of her crew) challenging each other to a test of strength. After some back and forth maneuvering Yamada ended up getting the better position. She tried to follow up with a surfboard submission but was countered and put into same the hold by Kawamoto.

Matsumura broke up the submission attempt which lead to a tag out for both teams bringing in the fresh competitors Makiko and Anna. Makiko tried to build some sort of offence with various strikes but she was unable to overpower her much larger foe. Despite getting tossed around she managed to get the upper hand by using her speed and avoiding a corner splash. She followed up with a running double knee attack.

Her momentum was short lived as she gloated a little too much afterwards and soon ate the mat once again. Matsumura then asked to be tagged in. She also went into striking contest with Anna but she too ended up on her back after taking a big chop to the chest.

Anna went in for a running attack but was tripped up into the ropes by Matsumura who tried to keep her down in the ropes. She then took Anna to the corner and hit her rope walk/double jumping chop combination. However it was not effective enough as Matsumura’s Irish whip was reversed and that lead to her taking double chop’s to the chest. That allowed Anna to tag in Yokoyama.

She and Kawamoto entered the ring and double-teamed Matsumura while the heels complained on the outside of the ring. It turned into a triple team after a big splash from Anna and the first near fall of the match. Yokyama continued her attack but was railroaded by Yamada with a kick to the back when she hit the ropes.

As Matsumura and Yokoyama lay in the ring a brawl outside of the ring between the members of Kinshicho and Yamada and Makiko started. The highlight of the brawl was a chair battle between Makiko and Anna. Makiko almost got pasted against the post but moved out of the way. She finally took out Anna out of the match with a chair shot to her back.

When the action finally returned to the ring Matsumura signalled for a giant swing on Yokoyama. She swung her around for quite a while until she got dizzy and dropped the move because of it. Matsumura was the first to get up and she immediately tagged out to Makiko who proceeded to prop Yokoyama in the corner and pummel her with body shots. After a failed running double knee strike attempt Yokoyama made her comeback.

She made the hot tag to Kawamoto who started cleaning house. She then nailed Makiko with a spinning side slam for another near fall. Her flurry did not last as Makiko used her quick strikes to wear down Kawamoto until she finished her off with straight punch. Both members tagged out bringing Matsumura and Anna to go at each other again.

Anna tried to super plex Matsumura but instead was doubled teamed by Yamada and Makiko and slammed to the mat. Matsumura seized the opportunity and landed a top rope senton. That was not enough to finish the match and only got a 2-count. An enraged Matsumura tried to finish the match but only ended up getting a pile driver for her troubles.

The match broke down into a bit of a clusterfuck afterwards with Shirokane doing everything they could think of to get the win including using various foreign objects. They could not get the job done and lost the match after Yamada fell to the Sakura Special.

This was a long match and much of the focus was spent on the heels trying to do their best to keep Gregorio Anna down in order to deal with the other two Kinshicho members. I’m not quite sure this really should have gone 25 minutes, 15 may have been enough to tell its story.

Lastly, it should be noted that Saito Makiko fit in perfectly with the established faction of Yamada and Matsumura. She had a different style compared to Shimada and Mukaichi which freshened the group up after the loss of those two members.

Hollywood Jurina (Matsui Jurina), Shark Komiyama (Komiyama Haruka) vs. Octopus Suda (Suda Akari), Dotonbori Shiroma (Shiroma Miru)

The main event featured the team of Shirokane Gym’s Hollywood Jurina and Kinshicho Gym’s Shark Komiyama versus Octopus Suda and Dotonbori Shiroma. Suda (with WIP title in tow) and Shiroma were introduced first. The mixed gym tag team of Jurina and Komiyama followed shortly after.

Normally the template for these types of tag team matches is to keep the two big feuding stars away from each other to generate anticipation for the time when they finally confront one another. This match bucked the trend by starting the two competitors fighting over ownership of the WIP title immediately.

The two engaged in a battle of seeing who could score a knock down first. Neither could get decisive strike in. After some posturing the action sped up with both competitors going for their finishers early. Suda showed great flexibility avoiding Jurina’s Rainmaker. After gloating Suda tagged in Shiroma who was instantly jumped by her former tag team partner. They battled it out to the mixed gym corner where Komiyama tagged herself in to prevent Jurina from losing her cool and getting them DQ’d.

Komiyama went on the attack but Shiroma ducked and rolled through her punch. She did a sexy taunt on her knees and was kicked in the back for her showboating. An angered Shiroma tried to get several hits in on Komiyama after whipping her into the ropes. They were all evaded. Komiyama tried for a dropkick off her third rebound off the ropes but was countered and thrown to the mat.

Shiroma then hit a hip attack and did more sexy taunts. Komiyama got up and kneed her in the ass several times as punishment. She followed up with a running head scissors for the first big move of the match. She went to the ropes again but was pulled out of the ring by the Dasu Vaders who assaulted her on the outside of the ring.

This allowed Shiroma to tag out. Suda took advantage of a weakened Komiyama by putting her in a head scissors and slamming her face to the mat. She rolled Komiyama up for a 2 count afterwards. After an illegal double team Suda applied an Indian Deathlock and transitioned to a submission hold while Shiroma kept Jurina from coming into the ring.

After breaking the hold a quick tag to Shiroma after who continued working on Komiyama‘s legs by putting her in a figure four leg lock. Komiyama managed to reverse the hold and roll to the ropes for a break. Shiroma got to her feet first, picked up Komiyama and threw her to the corner. She went for a splash but got a boot to the head coming in. Komiyama then landed a corner drop kick (and in effect no selling the leg damage) to knock down Shiroma.

Hot tag to Jurina who rushed in and hit everything that moved. She dropped Shiroma and taunted Suda to get into the ring. Suda rushed in and was leg tripped and was deposited on top of Shiroma. Jurina then applied a sharpshooter to both of them in the middle of the ring. After arguing about what direction to go in the heels dragged themselves to a rope to force a break.

The faces remained in control until Shiroma went back to work on the legs of the freshly tagged in Komiyama. A codebreaker by Shiroma had Komiyama pushed back into the ropes. She rebounded and V-triggered Shiroma in the face. Both teams tagged out and Jurina speared a charging Suda. She tried a backbreaker after but it did not connect due to Suda bridging out at the last moment.

The match then became a sloppy breakdown where everyone ended up taking a nap in the ring. The action picked up again with Suda and Jurina going at it. Jurina landed the rainmaker and was about to win until Oya pulled the ref out of the ring. With everyone distracted a hooded figure (later revealed to be Diva Odaeri) attacked Jurina.

Everything went into clusterfuck mode again until Jurina and Suda were left in the ring once more. Jurina had momentum until her destino attempt failed and she ended up getting dumped to the mat. After two shining wizards Suda picked up the win for her team.

Post match Suda returned the championship belt to Jurina and cut a promo calling herself the true ace of the company. She also put over Dasu Vaders as the dominant faction in WIP. They threw the tag belts into the ring and left feeling accomplished at proving their point.

This match had a lot going on but the main objective of getting Dasu Vaders over as the top heels was told well. There were a couple of botched moves and somehow Komiyama’s legs healed through divine intervention. However, that did not take away from the overall match quality itself. Unlike the match before it did not outstay its welcome.

Final Verdict

WIP QUEENDOM was a solid follow up to WIP CLIMAX. Some of the members who participated in both events have managed to improve their in ring technique (for idols) and characters. While others looked like they have plateaued or have not progressed as much in the year that has gone by. The best thing about this particular event was that there was no random AKB song performance interrupting the wrestling portion of the program.

In that sense WIP QUEENDOM was treated more like an actual wrestling event rather than a promotional avenue for a drama and theme song. Based on the ending of this WIP show it looks like there might be a third event sometime down the line. Or maybe a second season of the drama? Who knows? Whatever the case may be wrestling and idol fans can probably have high hopes of seeing more of these two worlds colliding.


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