Random Viewing: Tokyo Girls

Interspersed between following the idols and their fans are small clips with various subject matter experts. These people include Economic & Industrial Analyst Masayoshi Sakai, Asahi Newspaper Journalist Motohiro Onishi, Tokyo Girls Update’s Chief Idol Officer Itaru Tsurami and music producer Hyadain. Each of them provide their own commentary and observations on the idol industry and its place in Japanese society.

Tokyo Girls-12

The viewpoints of journalist Minori Kitahara are probably the ones that will raise the ire of idol fans who watch this program. She has no qualms about being extremely blunt about her criticism of the idol industry.

If you are prone to unbridled fits of rage you are most likely going to hate this woman every time she appears on the screen. While she may not have the most popular opinions, she is not necessarily wrong in her scrutiny of some aspects of the idol industry. How she expresses her disdain with her choice of wording is probably what will get people worked up.

The most poignant statement made about idol fandom in this documentary is that it is no longer something to be ashamed of. Following idols was once considered banishment to the table of failures in life. With idol fan culture blending in with the mainstream that does not appear to be the case anymore.

Unfortunately that whole idea is not really followed up on or explored more thoroughly.

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