Random Viewing: Queendom Episode 05

The previous episode of Queendom left viewers wondering what the final results of round two would be. After a short recap of the second round performances the announcements continued with the winner of the special evaluator votes worth 2000 points.

The artist that ended up taking the 2000 points was Oh My Girl. This had them in shock as they didn’t think they would win. At this point in time they were first in self-evaluation and special evaluator voting. Could they make it a clean sweep with the fan votes?

The MC’s started with announcing the third place team as AOA. This had the entire group excited for placing exactly where they wanted to be.

Sung Kyu once again questioned Jimin’s claim that she didn’t not care about the rankings as she jumped up as soon as she heard the letter “A”. The members of AOA were happy with where they placed as they got to do what they wanted for their performance and were rewarded for it.

Second place went to MAMAMOO. They were thankful to maintain their ranking and and promised to put on more enjoyable performances in the future. The winner of round two was revealed to be Oh My Girl who completed the sweep for round 2.

They thanked the voters and Lovelyz for making “Destiny”. No one disputed the results as it appeared to be a universal truth that Oh My Girl had the best performance of all the artists.


The bottom three rankings were then revealed by the MC’s. Lovelyz avoided placing last again ending up in fourth. They felt relieved and aimed to place third in the next round.

As for the final two artists. Park Bom ended up in fifth for the second time leaving (G)I-DLE in last place. (G)I-DLE could not hide their disappointment going from first to worst. When asked how it felt Soyeon said it hurt a little but she was burning with passion to improve for the next time. She laid down a warning for her fellow group members saying no one could go out and have fun and they will be ready for the next performance.



Park Bom was confused as to why she ended up near the bottom once again and felt like she was back to square one.

With the second round completed it was on to the next mission. The third round was split into two parts. The first part is a unit round. A main vocalist and dancer from each group will be assigned to form units. The vocalists will pair up for duets and the points earned from their ranking will be added to their respective groups final round score. Those in the performance unit will form a group together and will voted on individually.


The second part of the competition called Fandora’s Box will see the respective artists perform a song suggested by their fans. Because this is a harder mission the points were increased for this round. 5000 points for the first part and 10,000 points for the second part, making the round total a possible 15,000 points up for grabs.

After the instructions were given it was up to Oh My Girl to determine the performance order for the next round. When asked what spot they wanted (G)I-DLE and Lovelyz both wanted fourth as the winners for each round have come from that spot. With the reasoning that it was a competition and that they should do what was best for them, Oh My Girl mulled over what to do.


A pair of buses is shown in some point in time after the end of the second round awaiting its passengers. One bus for the vocalists, the other for the dancers. It was explained that they will be going on a workshop. The first pair to arrive were Minnie and Soojin from (G)I-DLE. After them Hyojung and Yooa of Oh My Girl.


Kei and Yein from Lovelyz were the next to arrive followed by Hwasa and Moonbyul of MAMAMOO. AOA’s Chanmi and Hyejeong joined their respective buses shortly after. As people boarded the awkwardness on the performance unit bus grew having Moonbyul question Queendom’s motives. The final person to arrive was Park Bom.

Both buses were driven to a fancy house house to get started on their missions. There was no time to waste as they were each given a to-do list right away.

The vocal unit was asked to pair up and decide a song to perform. Each member had different preferences for the type of song they would like to do:

  • Bom – Lee Hi – Scarecrow
  • Minnie – Charlie Puth & Selena Gomez – We Don’t Talk Anymore
  • Kei – Christina Aguilera – Save Me From Myself
  • Hyojung – Naul – One’s Way Back
  • Hwasa – Billie Eilish – Wish You Were Gay
  • Hyejeong – Daniela Andrade – Creep

The producers explained that the pairs will be made by random selection. The first three people will go up to a room and wait for a partner to select them by entering their room. Who went up first was decided by rock-paper-scissors.


To keep things short the entire situation with the vocal unit pairings was that Hwasa’s milkshake brought all the girls to the yard. The first person to try to woo her was Hyejeong followed by Bom who decided to find her own room rather than compete for Hwasa’s attention.

The next to try to win her heart was Minnie who cutely screamed her way into the room. In order to decide who fit best with her Hwasa held a mini audition. Both Hyejeong and Minnie had qualities that would work for the song. So rather than hurting anyone’s feelings Hwasa decided to user her psychic powers to choose her partner through a game of blind Rock or Paper.


The winner was Minnie and Hyejeong was politely escorted out. When Kei was instructed to find a partner she immediately headed towards Hwasa’s room with a gift of gimbap. That left Minnie as the third wheel. Kei enthusiastically appealed to Hwasa after saying that her voice would be the perfect match for the song.

After much agony Hwasa choose Kei to be her partner leaving poor Minnie out in the cold. She ended up in Bom’s room afterwards. Meanwhile Hyejeong sat alone in a room with no air conditioning waiting for someone to join her.


Hyojung was the last person to go up and she went Bom’s room first. Minnie once again felt she was doomed after Hyojung said she wanted to sing a ballad.

Hyejeong sat in her hot room listening to the others fight over Bom through the paper thin walls while laughing. Both Minnie and Hyojung auditioned for Bom but she could not decide. So she went into the other room and grabbed Hyejeong to decide who was pairing up with whom once and for all.

After a lot of lobbying (or begging) Hyojung won over Bom and got her wish to perform Scarecrow with her. That left poor Minnie and Hyejeong as the leftovers. Luckily for Minnie Hyejeong wanted to perform with her. She felt bad that she got the boot twice.


The performance unit had an easier time with each other since they were already considered a team. All they really had to do was to come up with was a group name, self-introduction, leader and concept.

Apparently there were some terrible names pre-debut for some groups such as Belly Button for MAMAMOO and Cotton Candy for Oh My Girl. (G)I-DLE would have been named Black Rose once which seems fitting for their group.

They decided on the name Six Puzzles with a meaning of six puzzle pieces coming together to create one group. When it came to their introduction Yein had the idea of going all sexy and kissing her fingers 6 times. That was a sell the other members were not buying. She came up with other ideas that were equally ridiculous but funny.


The final idea was a gang sign type deal though up by Yooa that could be easily done by all the members.

When it came to leadership the younger members were offered the chance to step up but Soojin outright refused and Yein showed some scary signs of being power hungry. Since Moonbyul was the oldest she was elected as default leader. Lastly they started throwing around ideas of a concept. Girl crush seemed to be the early consensus. And with that they were done

For this episode there was absolutely nothing to do with performance and everything about group bonding. Which ended up being an entertaining change of pace.  The major points that can be taken away from this episode is that Hwasa is very popular and Minnie is incredibly cute.

In the next episode of Queendom the units get down to practicing while their fellow group members prepare a BBQ feast.

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