Rhymeberry – Tokyo Chewing Gum Review

Rhymeberry Tokyo Chewing Gum

Release Date: July 12, 2017

Track Listing

  1. Tokyo Chewing Gum
  3. Tokyo Chewing Gum (Instrumental)


Tokyo Chewing Gum is the 7th single from idol rap group Rhymeberry. It features a new formation of the group which includes a new MC (MC YUIKA) bringing the group back to four members. **

This single accomplishes more than just bringing back the membership back to a quartet. The lyrics and music also push them back into Hip-Pop style that made them popular in the first place.

The a-side Tokyo Chewing Gum has a laid back, dance party groove that provides a fun platform for the MCs to spit their bars over. MC MIRI and MC YUIKA take the majority of the lead on this song with MC MISAKI and DJ OMOCHI jumping in between verses.

The b-side WANDERLAND showcases the idol side of the group complete with cutesy vocals in the chorus. This seems more suited to the talents of MC MISAKI and DJ OMOCHI who are the members of the group who have more squeaky qualities in their voices.

The strange thing about this pair of songs is that they sound a lot like the pop crossovers that SOUL’d OUT used to drop from time to time. So if you are one who is inclined to that type of sound or favor Rhymberry in non EDM mode then this is definitely worth picking up.

** MC MISAKI has since left Rhymeberry as of August 2017.

Tokyo Chewing Gum (Regular Edition)

Tokyo Chewing Gum (Limited Edition)

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