Nishino Kana – Te wo Tsunagu Riyuu Review

Nishino Kana Te wo Tsunagu Riyuu Promo

Release Date: October 18, 2017

Track Listing

  1. Te wo Tsunagu Riyuu
  2. One More Time
  3. Drive Away
  4. Te wo Tsunagu Riyuu (Instrumental)


Winter is traditionally the season for J-Pop artists to release ballads. Holding true to that fact is Nishino Kana’s latest release Te wo Tsunagu Riyuu. Besides being her 32nd single it was also the October theme song for Nippon TV series Sukkiri!!

Te wo Tsunagu Riyuu is a simple ballad that relies on a stripped down piano and strings arrangement. This allows Nishino’s vocals to be front and center on the song. Her performance is free of any diva-like theatrics and instead opts for a subtle feeling that matches the minimalism of the instrumental.

There are two coupling tracks on this single. The first is One More Time, which was used as a CM song for Lenoir Happiness. It has a fuller production compared to the a-side and is thematically different from it as well. Te wo Tsunagu Riyuu follows the subject of eternal love whereas One More Time is about longing for love long lost even if it doesn’t necessarily sound like it.

The second coupling song Drive Away feels like the odd song out in this single package being the bright and happy pop song among the moodier tracks. It is okay but not really essential listening. Meaning you won’t really miss this song if you happen to skip it.

Regular Edition

Limited Edition

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