RIRI feat. JunoFlo – luv luv Review

RIRI luv luv CD Cover

Release Date: March 13, 2019

Track Listing

  1. Luv Luv feat. Junoflo
  2. Luv Luv feat. Junoflo (KR Version)


Japanese R&B songstress RIRI follows up her second studio album NEO with a taste of her latest release the Summertime EP. It comes in the form of her 10th digital single Luv Luv. This song is an international collaboration with production from Canadian artist Ryan Hemsworth and a guest verse from Korean-American rapper Junoflo.

Luv Luv is a chilled out R&B jam that allows RIRI to showcase her subtle vocals over a simple beat consisting of soft keys and an easy-going synth melody. Junoflo comes in midway through the song with some slick lover man rhymes that compliments the overall lovey-dovey feeling of the song.

This single contains both Japanese and Korean versions of the song. The only real difference between the two is whether RIRI switches between English and Korean or Japanese during her verses. Junoflo’s verses remain in English in both versions.

Luv Luv will appeal to those who favour the North American/European style of R&B rather than the Japanese take on the genre. However, if you just want an enjoyable slice of R&B regardless of where it comes from then give this a try.


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