Rocket Punch – Pink Punch Review

Rocket Punch Pink Punch Cover

Release Date: August 7, 2019

Track Listing

  1. Pink Punch
  2. Bim Bam Bum
  3. Love Is Over
  4. Lucid Dream
  5. Favorite
  6. Do Something


On July 22, 2019 Woollim Entertainment released a logo motion video and opened the official SNS accounts for their new girl group Rocket Punch. That was followed with a concept film and individual teaser posters for the 6 members of the group which is made up of Woolim trainees, 3 who participated in the Produce 48 season. (Juri, Suyun, and Sohee.)


  • Sohee (Lead Dancer, Vocalist)
  • Suyun (Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer)
  • Juri (Vocalist, Face of the Group)
  • Yeonhee (Leader, Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual)
  • Yunkyoung (Main Rapper, Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer)
  • Dahyun (Lead Vocalist, Maknae)

Rocket Punch made their official debut on August 7, 2019 with the EP Pink Punch and the lead song Bim Bam Bum.

Bim Bam Bum is an infectious song that sounds similar to what one might hear from Red Velvet or LOONA. For some people it might take a few spins to warm up to but once it gets into your head it doesn’t go away. It also does the job of setting the tone for the rest of Pink Punch rather nicely as the majority of the remaining songs (with the exception of Lucid Dream) have the same type of vibe in one way or another.

The best examples of this continuity are Favorite and Do Something. Both are incredibly catchy tunes that are single worthy should Woolim decide to push more songs from this EP. Lucid Dream is the final song worth mentioning since it is the only true ballad on Pink Punch. It is a rather sweet song that showcases the group’s vocals without dipping in to the well of diva antics.

With so many girl groups popping up these days it is difficult for some to make their immediate mark. Rocket Punch does not have that problem as Pink Punch is solid from beginning to end with some of the secondary songs sounding like they surpass the lead one in quality.

My overall impression is that this is one of the stronger debuts of the many in 2019. Rocket Punch have set the bar kind of high for themselves right from the start. It should be fun to watch them progress if they mange to stay somewhere near the level of Pink Punch in future releases.

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