Selective Hearing Radio Ep. 54 – (G)I-DLE World Tour

GIDLE Podcast Image

Greg, Allen and Ping go over their experiences at the (G)I-DLE IDLE JUST ME World Tour at various American stops.

Recorded on: August 7, 2022


  • Introduce Yourself
  • What are you drinking?
  • Open time for shameless self-promotion

Getting down to business

  • What tour stop(s) did you attend?

Did you have VIP?

  • Elaborate on your VIP experience(s)
  • What was the line like?
  • Estimate how many people were VIP vs. GA
  • What kinds of people were there?
  • How long was your wait to get into the venue?
  • Any interesting stories about waiting in line?
  • How was the sound check? Do you remember what songs they did?
  • What was your view like?
  • How many obstructions did you have?
  • Did you have to leave VIP at all?

Thoughts on the concert

  • How was the concert itself? Were you around a hype crowd or dead fish?
  • What was it like seeing (G)I-DLE do their thing up close if you could see anything?
  • Were there any songs you didn’t like that you changed your mind about after seeing them live?
  • What were your favourite moments of the concert?

Did you stick around for the hi-touch?

  • Give a rundown on how the pre-hi-touch lineup situation worked at the show(s) you went to.
  • What was your hi-touch experience like? Give us the play-by-play.
  • What are your thoughts on the “signed” poster?

Overall Experience

  • Lastly, give us your final thoughts on your entire experience from beginning to end.


  • Final words, well wishes and curses
  • Say goodbye to the people

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