Selective Hearing Roundtable Ep. 40 – 100+ Days of IZ*ONE

IZONE Suki to Iwasetai Promo

Recorded February 10, 2019
Running Time: 01:47:00 (192k MP3, 176 MB)

Episode Breakdown

00:00 – Opening
00:20 – Introductions
03:30 – Japan Debut
10:06 – Japan Showcase Crowd demographic observations
15:27 – IZ*ONE breaks first day sales
16:22 – 48 Sister Group Latest Singles
18:25 – Our thoughts on Japanese Fans
27:42 – Suki to Iwasetai Single Impressions
31:23 – Suki to Iwasetai PV Impressions
35:41 – Suki to Iwasetai b-side impressions
44:16 – Japan Showcase impressions
59:11 – Random weird IZ*ONE related news
01:18 – Allen’s IZ*ONE Rankings
01:36 – Closing Thoughts

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  • Allen
  • Greg
  • Hannah

The opinions expressed in this program are those of the participants and do not necessarily reflect those of the other Selective Hearing staff and/or our affiliates and partners.

Full Show Notes

Japan Debut

  • Suki to Iwasetai released on Feb 6th
  • CD breakdowns
  • Content: 3 MVs, high touch
  • If you reserved regular CD, lottery held for 4000 lucky fans to attend Japan debut SHOWCASE
  • Launching with Kiss My Ft and Love Live singles

Japan debut sales 190k –

Beating 48G sister groups latest singles first day –

Suki to Iwasetai Impressions

  • Initial thoughts
  • Are we the “trash?” 😂

Breakdown B-sides

rank them 4 to 1 based on song and PV

Japan Showcase

  • Did you watch?
  • Compare to Korean Showcon debut
  • Japanese camera shots vs Korean camera shots

Random Weird News

International fans have adopted animals in Minjoo’s name:

Creator of kkt emoticon oktoon tries to give Wonyoung an iPhone:

Sakura met Irene from Red Velvet at ISAC and had #Sakuras1stWin trending for a day:

Allen’s IZ*ONE rankings as of Feb 7th (15 – 30 min of hot takes) 😁

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