Selective Hearing Roundtable Ep. 44: KCON Los Angeles 2019 Convention Recap

Recorded the week of August 14, 2019
Running Time: 1:17:00

Episode Summary

Greg and Allen join forces to cover KCON LA. This is our first time attending KCON, both as press and as fans. Find out what we did when we arrived in Los Angeles to get ready for the convention. Get a fresh perspective as we go over which panels we visited and what we thought about the convention.

Did we run into any of the KCON celebrities on the con floor? Did we see any world famous celebrities in the wild wandering around in LA? Give the show a listen and find out! Thanks in advance!

Show Notes:


  • What we did before the official KCON happened.
  • We talk about our plans KCON and what panels we want to visit
  • Who are we most excited for during the concert?


  • We did a lot of shopping! Where did we hit up and what K-Pop goods did we buy?
  • Picking up our badges and our KCON merchandise issues.
  • Hanging out with our Cali friends and celebrities.


  • What were your overall impressions with the KCON exhibit hall layout?
  • We hit up the IZ*ONE Fanclub Panel. What did we think about meeting other fans and playing games?
  • We also hit up the fromis_9 Fanclub Panel, Team OTR! What did we think about meeting other fans and playing games?
  • Dance Workshop and running into MOMOLAND!
  • Running into Yabuki Nako and Miyawaki Sakura from IZ*ONE (HKT48) at Target!

Links Mentioned:

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