Year of Discovery – Black Box’s Dreamland

Black Box Dreamland Cover

Released May 8, 1990

Track Listing:

  1. Everybody Everybody (Le Freak Album Mix)
  2. I Don’t Know Anybody Else
  3. Open Your Eyes
  4. Fantasy
  5. Dreamland
  6. Ride on Time
  7. Hold On
  8. Ghost Box
  9. Strike It Up

Greg says:

Black Box’s Dreamland is an album that I listened to many times in my youth. Giving it a run through 29 years later the album has aged like fine wine with each track sounding as fresh as it did back then. Dreamland is a true rarity for a genre the normally outstays its welcome after a month. This album also served as one of the introductions the genre of music I have chosen to play in my DJ sets, House Music. Looking back, I did not think it would be so influential in my decision to go with dance music as my weapon of choice. But I’m glad stumbled upon it those many moons ago.

I was hoping that when it was Greg’s turn that he would give me something old school. I like to fashion myself as the person here on the site to remind Greg of his roots. Looks like it worked.

Everybody Everybody (Le Freak Album Mix)

When the first notes started playing, I knew I was in for a good time. Strong start to the album.

I Don’t Know Anybody Else

It was during this song when I imagined Greg first hearing this album, getting to this song and wanting to start being a DJ. I can just see the light bulb go off. 

Open Your Eyes

It’s no time to be afraid! I’ve heard this song multiple times now, and I can’t help move my shoulders a bit every time it comes on. Plus the sax solo at the end wraps it all up so well.


Dude, this song is still fresh. 


I like that Dreamland is shorter and ends up being a nice interlude to the album. 

Ride on Time

What else is there to say about this song? It’s a bonafide classic that even samples another classic. Just walk right in.

Hold On

Might be the most experimental and probably funkiest song on the album. I love the bounce this song has. 

Ghost Box

The slowest song of the bunch. Perhaps it could be considered a ballad? Probably not, but this is the song I skip. Doesn’t do much for me.

Strike It Up

I swear I’ve heard this song a bunch of times at sporting events when there is downtime and the arena tries to get people to get up and dance. Guess what? It works. It’s a strong end to the album.

Overall Thoughts

It’s really good! It’s a lot of fun to listen through. Perhaps it’s just me, but this album had an element of earnestness that while current music still has, but might be harder to find. Maybe cause technology was different it gives this album a texture more modern music doesn’t have? Can’t put my finger on it, but Dreamland still as Greg said aged well and still holds up. 

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