Selective Hearing’s Monthly Recap – February 2024

Monthly Recap Feb 2024 Title Card


With the holiday hangover long ended, the stream of new releases was constant but not overwhelming. Yet it still feels like there’s only a little going on.


Like last month, there’s little to report here. I am managing to keep publishing an original article every Sunday. Establishing the routine is the most crucial part, and it’s going well so far.

My next goal is to publish a remix every month. Since I do those more for fun than getting paid, I see no rush to complete them. However, it’s better that I have a hard deadline so I don’t sweat all the little details no one cares about or will hear and get something out into the world instead.


Stayed at home in February

Video Games

Tekken 8

Video games are rarely discussed here anymore. However, I have been playing Tekken 8 non-stop since its release. It’s my preferred fighting game series and the one I am most competent at.

With that said, getting my head wrapped around some of the newer mechanics has been a trip. When announced, Tekken 8 was said to encourage more aggressive behaviour. I am a defensive player by nature, so the game goes against my style of play.

FYI: I am the scrubby Hwo in this video.

But I have adapted to the game, found some balance between my instincts and the somewhat forced aggression the game puts you in, and ranked up more than in the previous Tekken games. Not that rank means anything at this point in the game’s lifecycle or at all. But it’s nice to know I’m improving.


I completed a remix of BABYMONSTER’s Stuck In The Middle. I like the song and felt I could bring it an R&B feel.


Below are my favourites from February 2024.

Monthly Recap Feb 2024 Albums


  • Kim Areum – Aqua City
  • No Guidnce – Unplugged
  • Reina – A Million More
  • Twice – With You-th


AKB48 – Colorcon Wink

BABYMONSTER – Stuck In The Middle

CHUU – Chocolate

Dua Lipa – Training Season

Eill – 25

J01 – Aqua

Max feat. Huh Yunjin (LE SSERAFIM) – Stupid In Love

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