Selective Hearing’s Monthly Recap – January 2024

We have not published one of these articles in a while. Mainly because of getting everyone to submit their entries on time, but also because of other circumstances that put it on the back burner. As part of my initiative to get a more consistent flow of content, I have decided to give this series of articles another go.

Monthly Recap January Title Card


January is usually a slow month. People are still recovering from the holidays and returning to the grind of daily life. Significant new releases and events to attend are pretty rare this early in the year. So, this month’s recap is brief.


There’s not much to report here. Since I mentioned this subject earlier, I am trying to have at least one original article (meaning not a press release) published a week. The current schedule is to publish every Sunday and have random things published within the week as I see fit.

I figured giving myself six days to work on an article would give me a reasonable time frame to get something done. Since I am a bit busier these days, it seems like a decent level to maintain until I can get more done or find help again.


There’s nothing we went to in January.


There is also not much to report here. The only remix I worked on in January was for Jyongri’s 2006 debut single, Possession. This was somewhat of a labour since I remixed it twice when I had no clue what I was doing. This third attempt should be the last time I touch this track.


As I stated in the introduction, January is usually reasonably slow for new releases. But from looking at my spreadsheet (Yes, I keep a spreadsheet to keep track of all the music I’m consuming), there was quite a bit to go through. Here are my favourites from January 2024.

Monthly Recap Jan 2024 Albums


  • (G)I-DLE – 2
  • iScream – Selfie
  • IZTY – Born To Be
  • tripleS Aria – Structure of Sadness


Ariana Grande – yes, and?

(G)I-DLE – Super Lady

Groovyroom feat. Huh Yunjin & Crush – Yes or No

H1-KEY – Thinkin About You


NMIXX – Dash

Weeekly – Stranger


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