Year of Discovery – Blue October’s Foiled

Blue October Foiled Album Cover

Released April 4, 2006

Track Listing:

  1. You Make Me Smile
  2. She’s My Ride Home
  3. Into The Ocean
  4. What If We Could
  5. Hate Me
  6. Let It Go
  7. Congratulations feat. Imogen Heap
  8. Overweight
  9. X-Amount of Words
  10. Drilled A Wire Through My Cheek
  11. Sound Of Pulling Heaven Down
  12. Everlasting Friend
  13. 18th Floor Balcony

This is another recommendation that came from a friend. I’m already liking some of these song titles. 

You Make Me Smile

I like the instrumentation here, but the vocals on this song leave me wanting more. Maybe I’ll get used to the singing.

She’s My Ride Home

Lyrically, I am here for this. I am also into how somber this album sounds, at least in the beginning. 

Into The Ocean

Oh! Now we are cooking. This is the first song that really caught my attention. I like the singing on this with the slightly up-beat instrumental. 

What If We Could

I know we are talking rock music now, but I could do without the screaming of the lyrics. They aren’t super loud or aggressive per se, but I found myself just wanting to go to the next song.

Hate Me

Although it goes longer than I would want, I like this! I like not only the singing, but the music itself starts off quieter than starts to build to be louder and louder. 

Let It Go

If I was in the right mood and mindset, I would be down for this song. But the last few times I did hear it, I wasn’t meeting the song where it is, emotionally.

Congratulations feat. Imogen Heap

I like the second part of this song when the other instruments start to play.


This sounds like the album’s most poppy song. I know they have more popular songs from this album, but this sounds like their attempt for a more radio-friendly song. It works, I found myself nodding my head to this song.

X-Amount of Words

I don’t want to leave a shrug emoji, but I am struggling to find something to say about this song. It’s not doing much for me.

Drilled A Wire Through My Cheek

Best song title on the album for sure. I like the song when the verses play, but I could leave it when the chorus kicks in. Found it more interesting when it was being quieter. Hard to be quiet, though, when the song is titled the way it is.

Sound Of Pulling Heaven Down

Okay, this is actually the best song title on the album. The visual alone is super cool. I like the lyrics on this too, but there is a part of me that wishes someone else did this song.

Everlasting Friend

I wasn’t familiar with the band at all, but this was the kind of music I was expecting the album to be. I dig this.

18th Floor Balcony

Similar thoughts to Let It Go. If I come to this song when I’m in another emotional state then maybe I’ll find more to talk about. 

Overall Thoughts

Thanks to my friend, but this album isn’t for me. Although there are songs that I did enjoy, I don’t find myself drawn back to this album in comparison to the other albums I wrote about this year. Maybe once in awhile I’ll break this out, but sometimes things just miss. It happens. 

October – AngryDaenjangny a.k.a Hannah’s Selection


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