Selective Hearing’s Monthly Recap – March 2024

Monthly Recap March Title Card


Three months have already passed. It felt like yesterday; the year was only beginning. It’s incredible how time flies. Due to my company’s fiscal year-end, March was busy, as work took up much of my time.

I won’t speak too much about work things here; all I can say is that people’s ability to read e-mails or even have basic reading comprehension sucks, and it causes a lot of unnecessary extra work for my group. So, my time for extracurricular activities was limited in March.


As I mentioned in the introduction, I was doing many work-related things in March, so I had to catch up on site when things slowed. It was a challenging balancing act, but I figured out how to get everything I needed done.


IVE 1st World Tour Show What I Have

I finally got to travel in March since I had tickets to IVE’s final North American tour stop in Newark, New Jersey. I quickly learned that New Jersey isn’t exactly a hotbed of action, and it was better to go across the Hudson River to New York to find stuff to do.

In an upcoming review, I’ll discuss my experiences at IVE’s concert in greater detail. It was a fun show and well worth the trip to New Jersey.

Video Games

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Poster

Technically, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth came out at the end of February, but I started playing it in March. With its open-world concept, the game is a beast compared to Final Fantasy 7 Remake. There’s a lot more wandering around the various regions of the world. Thankfully, handy map icons are everywhere, so you’re not left blindly looking for things.

The combat system upgraded with the synergy system and folios that unlock specific team abilities. It took a bit of time to figure all that stuff out, and I still have some teams that have crappy chemistry. But I can work that out as I get deeper into the game.

As of this writing, I am on Chapter 10 in the Cosmo Canyon area, flying around on a blue Chocobo and completing all the side stuff. At my current pace, I won’t finish this game until the end of May or the beginning of June. It depends.


I went back a couple of years for this one and took a shot at doing something with XG’s debut single, Tippy Toes. Since the original version is very minimal there were a lot different directions to go for a remix. The final result of my take on the song is a funky party-type track.


Below are my favourites from March 2024.

Monthly Recap Favorite Albums Mar 2024


  • Ariana Grande – eternal sunshine
  • ILLIT – Super Real Me
  • Purple Kiss – BXX


BoA – Emptiness


Chung Ha – I’m Ready

ILLIT – Magnetic

iri – Run

MINSEO – Dead Love

Nogizaka46 – Chance wa Byoudo



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