2022 Year End Recap: Back to Basics


As our 16th year ends, Selective Hearing has gone back to basics. Gone are the majority of the staff who have contributed to the site in the past. Some have gone on to pursue other opportunities writing for different websites. In contrast, others have entirely grown out of the music writer lifestyle or want to be to consume media in peace.

So that has left the burden of providing content mostly on me as the remaining staff members are busy living their lives and focusing on other projects. So we are back to how the site was back in its infancy.

I don’t plan to reach out to others to help contribute. It was difficult enough to find the crew I had until recently. I will make do with what I have now and, if necessary, recruit some extra help for specific events.

With all that out of the way, let’s move on to what happened in Selective Hearing in 2022.

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