ShuuKaren – LOVE YOUR LIFE/Parallel Synchronicity Review


Release Date: November 10, 2017

Track Listing

  2. Parallel Synchronicity (produced by m-flo)


LOVE YOUR LIFE/Parallel Synchronicity is the third digital single release from ShuuKaren. It is a double a-side, with both songs having tie-ins to commercials and television programs. LOVE YOUR LIFE was the theme song for KOSE FAISO, and Parallel Synchronicity was the theme song for the B LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP 2016-17.

For this single, you get one high-tempo dance song and one mid-tempo R&B/Pop crossover song. Parallel Synchronicity may be the song that generates the most interest simply because of the presence of m-flo. It sounds much like their collaborations on SQUARE ONE, NEVEN and FUTURE IS WOW. So if you enjoy that era of m-flo productions, you should have no problems getting into this song.

LOVE YOUR LIFE is similar to the material both members’ parent groups have released. It is not filler, but you have probably heard this type of song before on a FLOWER or HAPPINESS or even an E-girls single/album in the past so expect no major surprises when it comes to this particular song. Regardless, it is still a decent track if you are in the mood for something that is less of an aural assault and is a more soothing and relaxing listen.

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