SISTAR 19 – No More (Ma Boy) Review

SISTAR19 No More (Ma Boy) Cover

Release Date: January 16, 2024

Track Listing

  2. SAUCY


SISTAR19 is a sub-unit of SISTAR that debuted in 2011 with the digital single Ma Boy. This Urban Pop song is one of many famed Brave Brothers productions. It is also one of the more memorable songs from the second generation of K-pop girl groups.

Eleven years later, SISTAR19 has reunited with their second digital single, No More (Ma Boy) with Ryan Jhun (and many others) behind the boards for this track.

Unlike their first single, they have gone with a dance-pop sound as the base for their title track. That’s fine, but the song doesn’t leave a lasting impact and could disappoint those who had high expectations of this song or wanted something closer to the groove of 2011’s Ma Boy.

If none of that matters, then you will find No More (Ma Boy) an acceptable track that can act as a placeholder until the next comeback song from another artist replaces it in your playlist.

In my opinion, the single’s b-side, SAUCY, is the better of the two tracks. It has a modern R&B/Pop sound that fits this duo’s aesthetic more than the title track.

How people digest this single depends on how far back they roll in K-pop. If you were around when SISTAR and groups of their generation were active, No More (Ma Boy) would be a welcome return regardless of whether the songs live up to heightened expectations. And you may have the same opinion as me regarding what is on this single.

I’m unsure if this single’s two songs are enough to entice younger listeners to visit SISTAR’s catalogue of songs. If you are one of the youths (or K-pop noobs) out there who have not had any exposure to the group outside of these two songs, I would highly recommend that you go to your favourite streaming service and start listening.

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