Syd – Fin Review


Release Date: February 2, 2017

Track Listing

  1. Shake Em Off
  2. Know
  3. No Complaints
  4. Nothin to Somethin
  5. All About Me
  6. Smile More
  7. Got Her Own
  8. Drown In It
  9. Body
  10. Dollar Bills
  11. Over (feat. 6LACK)
  12. Insecurities


Following the run of The Internet’s third album, Ego Death, the group members decided to take a break and work on solo projects. For vocalist Syd, the result is her first solo album, Fin.

The music on Fin is heavily influenced by 1990 to early 2000s R&B marking a departure from the sound that people may be used to hearing from her when she is with The Internet. For example, the track Know sounds like many of the Aaliyah/Timbaland masterpieces, with Syd weaving her seductive vocals over minimalist skittering beats.

Many of the tracks follow the idea set by the opening track, Shake Em Off and Know. And that is to live in the mid-tempo and chilled-out zone. Fin does not sound like it should be cranked to 11 in your car. (Of course, you can try, don’t let me stop you from doing that.)

For some, much of this album might fall into the Quiet Storm style of R&B. So if you have an affinity for that type of music, tracks such as Got Her Own, Smile More and Drown In It will fit your listening needs just fine. Sadly, Drown In It is so short since it sounds like it would be comparable to a Jodeci track if it were fleshed out more.

If you are looking for something a little more edge, you can also check out Dollar Bills and Over. Those songs, along with All About Me, are about the only songs that slightly deviate from the formula the other songs tend to follow.

In the end, Fin is a gem of a release for R&B heads and is worth investing your time in.

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