That’s My Jam: Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan – Silence

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Delerium Silence Cover

Release Date: June 14, 1999

Track Listing

  1. Silence (Edit)
  2. Silence (DJ Tiesto Remix)
  3. Silence (Airscape Remix)
  4. Silence (Sanctuary Remix)
  5. Aria


Delerium are a Canadian musical group who are a side project of Front Line Assembly. Their musical style covers a broad range that includes ambient trance, industrial soundscapes and electronic pop music. Their most famous song is Silence featuring fellow Canadian Sarah McLachlan. It is considered one of greatest trance songs of all time, still filling dance floors a decade after its initial release.

The original version of the song is not within the trance genre, but is actually a moody pop tune that is reminiscent of another song within the same era, Enigma’s Sadness. You may also look to Deep Forest’s Sweet Lullaby as another point of reference as well.

While strange ethnic sounds and new age world music might not be the most enticing, Silence in its original form is a well-crafted song that maximizes dark overtones to match McLachlan’s lyrics.

Probably more familiar to listeners are the remixes which got way more promotion that the original version ever did. These up-tempo mixes did away with the brooding and gloomy feel and turned Silence into a booming, uplifting vocal trance track.

The Airscape Remix is most likely the one most heard due to its use in the promotional video for the song. It is the most radio friendly so it is not a surprise that was chosen.

The DJ Tiesto remix and the Sanctuary remix both clock in at just over 11 minutes. That might be a little too long with those who don’t have the patience for long trance epics but there are radio edits of each of the remixes available if you look hard enough.

A break beat styled song Aria ends this package off containing many of the signature Delerium musical elements. It’s a nice way to come down from the insanity of the remixes of Silence.

In 2004 a repackaged edition of this single was released that contained the original remixes and a few new ones, with Above & Beyond’s being the key mix. Two years later a remix by the Filterheadz was released. Normally I find a lot of trance music to not hold up to the test of time. Much like most forms of dance music there’s a lot of trend hopping and gimmickry that does not age well over time.

Silence is an exception and it sounds just as great as it did 10+ years ago. This CD I’m reviewing has been out of print for years but it’s very much worth the hunt if you can still find a copy that exists. It’s even better if you can get a hold of the vinyl.

Thankfully iTunes has a few compilations of the various versions of this song available to purchase for those who don’t want to go crate digging to enjoy the epic-ness of this classic tune.



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