2NE1 – Falling In Love Review

2NE1 Falling In Love Cover

Release Date: July 8, 2013

Track Listing

  1. Falling In Love


The last time 2NE1 were heard as a group was in 2012 with their single I Love You and subsequent tour, 2012 2NE1 Global Tour: New Evolution. Since that time, they have been pursuing solo projects until YG announced they would be returning with this digital single, Falling In Love.

This is the first of four new songs to be released, spanning July to October. Falling In Love is a typical summer song and their first official attempt at Reggae. If you refer to the remixes of I Don’t Care, it is known that 2NE1 can sound decent within the genre. The question is whether a full-blown Reggae production would fit the group or not.

Well, it’s kind of a mixed bag to be honest. The verses and chorus have that summery Reggae vibe, whereas the intro, pre/post-chorus and outro have a harder Hip-Hop feel. It’s almost like two different songs mashed together.

That can turn off those expecting a more consistent experience. But given a few repeated spins, it’s not as jarring as the initial listen. This probably won’t be an instant kill with more discerning listeners. I sense it’s more of a slow burner that will eventually make it into regular playlist rotation over a long period.

It could be worse, though; they could be doing some sad attempt at Dubstep instead of this. Let’s all be thankful.

The video isn’t exactly that exciting and consists of the members dancing on some all-inclusive resort beach/basketball court/gas station or sitting pretty by an expensive-looking poolside or bleachers.

Simple dance shots and close-ups. Nothing to get excited about unless you missed 2NE1. With that said, I’ll go over some of the more interesting points of the video.

    • CL is looking pretty damn fine and appears to be competing with Bom in the appealing curvature department
    • Dara needs a sandwich stat. Scratch that; she needs a buffet stat. Sure she’s always been a rather thin woman, but she’s looking like a straight line in this video. I do like her blonde hair, it looks nice on her.
    • 2NE1 looks meaner and more gangster than any of the so-called “bad boys” in this video, randomly trying to look hard while standing around or playing basketball.
    • Subtle Nikon product shot near the end of the video. Who says these things aren’t commercials and are artistic endeavours?


    • Gold plated everything. Hummers, boom boxes, cell phones, gas station pumps,  GOOOOLLLDDD!!


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