That’s My Jam: Kosheen – Resist

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Kosheen Resist

Release Date: June 25, 2001

Track Listing

  1. Demonstration
  2. Hide U
  3. Catch
  4. Cover
  5. Harder
  6. (Slip & Slide) Suicide
  7. Empty Skies
  8. I Want It All
  9. Resist
  10. Hungry
  11. Face In A Crowd
  12. Pride
  13. Cruelty
  14. Let Go
  15. Gone
  16. Hide U (John Creamer & Stephane K Remix)


Kosheen are a group based in Bristol, England. They are a trio who consist of producers Markee Substance (Mark Davies) and Darren Decorder (Darren Beale) and vocalist/songwriter Sian Evans. Their first album Resist features the singles (Slip & Slide) Suicide, Hide U, Catch, Hungry & Harder.

Drum & Bass, what comes to mind when you hear that? Maybe high tempo, a bombastic assault on the ears comes to mind. Perhaps random Ragamuffin MC’s waxing poetic in verses so fast you can’t keep up?

It’s probably not the genre you would associate with a Hip-Hop/Soul aesthetic. Well that’s exactly what you get with Resist. Driven less by pounding your speakers into submission, there is a much more pop friendly appeal to many of the songs than what one would normally find in the world of Drum & Bass.

Outside of the plethora of singles that this album spawned there are a lot of quality album cuts that are worth your time. Empty Skies being the most noteworthy for blending pop sensibility with Drum & Bass influences. You can also look at Pride as well if you need a good kick in the pants type of track that follows the same type of path.

If down tempo is more to your liking, I Want It All, Cruelty and Resist are displays of Sian Evans’ haunting and emotional vocals. These songs may be a little boring but if you are one who enjoys say Dido’s or Portishead’s slower, more chilled out tracks then these may be what will suit your tastes.

Resist might turn off a few purists who like their beats rough, bass hard and could do without the vocals and melodies and such. If that’s you, you’re missing out on a great listening experience. If you’re open minded enough, this is definitely worth your time.



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