That’s My Jam: Tom Jones – Sex Bomb

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Release Date: January 10, 2000

Track Listing

  1. Sex Bomb (Album Version)
  2. Sex Bomb (Peppermint Disco Radio Mix)
  3. Sex Bomb (Peppermint Disco Mix)
  4. Sex Bomb (Strike Boys Mix)
  5. Sex Bomb (Sounds Of Life Half Vocal Mix)


Sex Bomb is a collaboration between German DJ/House music producer Mousse T. and Welsh pop singer Tom Jones. The song is the biggest single from Jones’ 1999 album Reload, which reached number three in the UK singles chart. The song also appears in a jazzier swing version on Mousse T.’s album Gourmet De Funk.

This seems like an odd choice for a throwback review, right? After all, Tom Jones is an artist who can probably get the grannies all charged up and throwing their depends on the stage and is not exactly on today’s listener’s radar.

But Sex Bomb is too damn good of a song to dismiss. At the time of its release, it helped bring Tom Jones back into the spotlight for the new millennium and skillfully represented his sexually charged image for younger people simultaneously.

The most popular/well-known version of Sex Bomb is the Peppermint Disco mix. It has a broader mainstream appeal with its funkier club sound. And for you House DJ’s out there, it’s a Tom Jones song you can drop in a set and not worry about clearing the dance floor. For you Filipino DJs, this version also works for all those old folks who want to get their Cha Cha on. Just saying.

With its swing feel, the original version isn’t too shabby either, even if it isn’t as banging.

The other remixes on this single are not as listener-friendly, especially the last track. But if you’re looking for something much funkier, the Strike Boys Remix should satisfy your thirst for funk.

Since this single is long out of print, you will have to go through digital sources to get a hold of the remixes. Amazon has the remix radio edit available for download. It will probably be harder to find the extended mix and beyond easily. 

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