Trouble Maker – Chemistry Review

Trouble Maker Chemistry

Release Date: October 31, 2013

Track Listing

  1. Turn Up The Volume
  2. Now (There Is No Tomorrow)
  3. Player [Hyunseung Solo feat. Hyuna]
  4. Attention
  5. I Like [Hyuna Solo feat. FlowSik]


The second mini-album from Cube Entertainment’s Trouble Maker (Hyuna from 4minute and Hyunseung from BEAST) comes two years after their self-titled debut.

My review of their debut indicated that besides the title track, the album as a whole was a bit lacking. So how does the second go as a unit fare? Much better than I expected.

This still follows the Urban pop formula established on their first album but it’s way more cohesive. Basically meaning that none of the album cuts feel like they were tacked on like filler to fulfill a contractual obligation for minimum number of songs.

That in itself is already a win considering that this could have been just another one track album. Outside of the lead single other recommended listen is Hyunseung’s solo. It not so surprisingly features Hyuna and has that smooth, quiet storm type of groove to it. I noticed a bit of that Isley Brothers style guitar in the track. A nice touch I think.

If you want a bumping club track that you should check Hyuna’s solo instead. The song is okay, but very similar to what she has done on her own albums. So it’s more of a case of been there, heard that, next please.

Overall this was a much better effort from Trouble Maker and the album lives up to its title. Given the quality of the material I am disappointed that it’s so damn short. Maybe their third try (whenever that is) will yield a full-length album. One can only hope.



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