Wise – Heart Connection ~Best Collaboration~

Wise Heart Connection Best Collaboration

Release Date: May 11, 2011

Track Listing

  1. By Your Side feat. Kana Nishino
  2. Furimukanaide feat. Hiromi
  3. I Loved You feat Hiroko
  4. Mirror feat. Salyu
  5. Dance With Me feat. Miray
  6. Hey Girl! feat. Su (Rip Slyme)
  7. Into The Sky feat. Beat Crusaders
  8. Step By Step
  9. Watching You
  10. How You Like Me Now?
  11. Keep It Rock feat. Tarantula from Spontania
  12. Off The Edge
  13. The Magic feat. L-Vokal
  14. Hero Hero
  15. My Way , Your Way (BoA)
  16. Sakurazaka


Seiji Kameyama is probably better known to most as WISE. He is a member of the Teriyaki Boyz and the duo  WISE n’ SONPUB. He is also a successful solo artist who made his official debut in 2007.

Heart Connection is a collection of his collaborations with various artists, and the roster of who he has worked with ranges from R&B singers like Kana Nishino, Hiroko & BoA to fellow Hip-Hop artists like Su (from Rip Slyme)  & L-Vokal. There’s even a touch of indie rock with an appearance from The Beat Crusaders.

But for the most part, you’ll get many songs within the Hip-Pop/R&B genre with many pleasant results. I found the collaborations with female singers to be the better tracks, especially By Your Side (with Kana Nishino), I Loved You (with Hiroko), Step By Step (with May J.) and My Way, Your Way. (with BoA) WISE seems to have a knack for finding his groove with love songs.

Other songs to note are his contribution to the first m-flo tribute album with his cover of How You Like Me Now? and SONPUB track The Magic featuring L-Vokal along with Keep It Wrong (with Spontania) if you’re looking for something a little bit harder to bump.

Having only known of WISE through the Teriyaki Boyz, I came out of this with more respect for what he can do. He seems to be able to blend his style with others flawlessly. Something that isn’t particularly easy for most MCs to do.

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