WJSN Chocome – Super Yuppers! Review

WJSN Chocome Super Yuppers Cover

Release Date: January 5, 2022

Track Listing

  1. Super Yuppers
  2. Sweetie


Super Yuppers! is the second single release from WJSN sub-unit WJSN CHOCOME, with the title track serving as its lead single.

The sub-units of WJSN are new listening territory for me. I understand that WJSN THE BLACK brings the sexy while WJSN CHOCOME is the cute and bubbly side. Correct me if I am wrong.

Super Yuppers! immediately confirms the cute and bubbly part about this sub-unit. The song is infectious 80s influenced cheese whose quirkiness brings up Orange Caramel flavoured memories.

The hero to the rescue theme of the lyrics (complete with dialogue that sounds like a Sailor Moon episode inspired it) further contributes to the song’s strange appeal. It also helps explain why the group is dressed up as superheroes in the video.

Speaking of the video, does it make you crave some Lays potato chips and Pepsi for some reason?

The b-side of this single Sweetie ups the cute factor and the overall energy to a higher level. Like the a-side, Sweetie also sounds like it belongs in an 80s dance club. The hook in this song is incredibly catchy and will probably be stuck in your head after a few listens.

An argument can be made for Sweetie being the better of the two songs on this single. It depends on your personal preferences, of course.

Regardless, both songs on this single give you seven minutes of ridiculous fun to enjoy.

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