XODIAC To Release 3-Part Video Narrative for Their Upcoming Mini Album


The ground-breaking group will also embark on an overseas showcase tour visiting Amsterdam on May 30 and London on June 1

Following their massively successful premiere for “Throw a Dice,” rookie K-pop group XODIAC will release a three-part video for the singles “Always,” “Midnight Sky,” and “Special Love” from their upcoming mini album, “Throw A Dice;” launching in June.

The first episode, titled “My Strange Roommate,” with the single “Always,” will be revealed on the ground-breaking group’s YouTube channel, with episode 2 airing today and episode 3 airing later, respectively.

The boy group will also perform in Amsterdam on May 30 at the Melkweg venue and in London on June 1 at the Clapham Grand venue as part of their debut showcase tour. Ticketing information can be found here.

Having just debuted this past month with the official nine members of the group, XODIAC is taking the world by storm with their music video for “Throw a Dice,” which has already surpassed over 1 million views in just one week.

However, even before the award-winning group’s highly anticipated premiere, the sextet has made their mark on the industry. The award-winning group’s pre-debut, all-English “Calling” became an instant hit garnering more than 1.6 million views on the music video, giving fans a preview of their soon-to-be musical prowess.

The first part of the series, Episode 1: “My Strange Roommate,” opens up with a terrifying encounter between members LEX and HYUNSIK but quickly switches to a carefree, laid-back vibe.

Credit: One Cool Jacso Entertainment

The single “Always” plays as we join the members as they enter college, experiencing idyllic days complete with dorm life, budding friendships, and late-night snack trips. Despite this first single’s fun, magnetic energy, something is amiss, and this episode paves the groundwork for the next two episodes.

Episode 2: “The Secret of Roommate” continues where Episode 1 left off, but this time the overall mood shifts away from that optimistic, innocent springtime vibe to something a bit softer and more nostalgic.

Camping trips, sleepovers, and bonfires complete the visual atmosphere, pairing perfectly with “Midnight Sky’s” stripped piano and string melodies that add a layer of maturity to XODIAC’s sound. Episode-wise, the plot thickens as we get more insight into HYUNSIK’s background and why he’s been so restless as of late, giving it a bittersweet feeling that permeates “The Secret of Roommate. ”

The final episode, Episode 3: “Missing Roommate,” will be released later to conclude the trilogy series and upcoming mini album.



XODIAC is a 9-member boy band consisting of members HYUNSIK, ZAYYAN, BEOMSOO, WAIN, GYUMIN, SING, DAVIN, and LEO, who debuted in April 2023 with the release of their hit “THROW A DICE.” The group was formed by Hong Kong-based entertainment agency, One Cool Jacso, known for their pre-debut group formation of OCJ NEWBIES.

They are the first K-Pop boy band to land four major magazine shoots, including Cosmopolitan, ELLE MEN, Harper’s Bazaar, and Men’s Uno – from Hong Kong -, before their official debut and winning awards at the global Weibo Account Festival held in Japan on December 20, 2022, all of which are unprecedented feats.

Furthermore, the group as a collective received an award for “Potential New Boy Group,” and leader LEX is one of the first solo pre-debut artists to receive the “Fashion Rookie” award. In addition, their all-English, pre-debut single “Calling” was allowed to film at Hong Kong Disneyland along with a partnership to promote with the global brand.

Since then, the nonet has become known for its high-fashion ensembles wearing Louis Vuitton, who is a huge supporter and for their brand deals with some of the biggest internationally recognized names in pop culture, such as PlayStation.

The ground-breaking collective continues to grow a global fanbase, receiving over 1 million views on their music video for “Throw A Dice” just one week after debuting. XODIAC will go overseas in Europe for their live showcase tour to meet with fans and media as they continue to receive widespread global attention.

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