tripleS Acid Angel from Asia – ACCESS Review


Release Date: October 28, 2022

Track Listing

  1. Access
  2. Generation
  3. Rolex
  4. Charla
  5. Dimension (AAA Ver.)
  6. +(82)


tripleS is the world’s first “fan-participating girl group” that debuted in February 2023 with the EP Assemble.

Having gone in with low expectations, I found their debut EP enjoyable. So I figured why not look at the group’s sub-unit releases since if they are half as decent as the primary unit, they might be worth trying, right?

So, in this review, I listen to Acid Angel from Asia’s one (and only) EP, ACCESS.

tripleS has four sub-units under their collective (so far), and Acid Angel from Asia is the first of their sub-units to release music.

The background on their formation is somewhat convoluted for my old man mind to process, but it boils down to a fan vote via the Cosmo app to place members in the first two sub-units.

The members voted into Acid Angel of Asia are:

  • Kim Yooyeon
  • Kim Nakyoung
  • Gong Yubin
  • Jeong Hyerin

Acid Angel from Asia has a youthful Generation Z concept. However, their music falls right into the Y2K throwback trend sweeping through Korean and Japanese music.

Generation is the title track from ACCESS, and it’s an immediate attention grabber. Sure, it’s not overly ambitious, but not everything has to hit you over the head constantly. Unfortunately, this funky track is too short, but it’s great while it lasts.

The other promotional track from ACCESS is Rolex. It’s similar to Generation, where it’s upbeat and playful but also chill at the same time. It lacks the easy to sing-along-to hook, but it’s still a fun song.

The final full songs on the ACCESS are Charla and Dimension (AAA Ver.) These double down on the chill vibe and take the group into more R&B-like territory. These two songs have different feelings than the higher-tempo ones before them bringing another type of tension when listening to them.

Dimension, in particular, has a LOONA-like quality to it. Given who the CEO of MODHAUS is, I’m pretty sure that’s not a coincidence.

Sadly, despite releasing an excellent album, Acid Angel from Asia is currently “disbanded,” having not reached their sales goal of 100,000 units. I’d say they did alright, given who their competition was at the release time of this album. Unfortunately, groups in agencies with deeper pockets overshadowed them.

But don’t let that stop you from giving this album a go. It’s a solid effort that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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