Yamamoto Sayaka – identity Review

Yamamoto Sayaka identity Cover

Release Date: October 4, 2017

Track Listing

  1. JOKER
  2. Wings
  3. Yume no Koe
  4. Let’s go crazy
  5. Yubikiri
  6. Sandman
  7. Doushite Doushite
  8. Aiseyo
  9. Nando Demo
  10. Kassai
  11. Riku no Sakana
  12. Haru wa Mou Sugu
  13. Hotaru


It was probably only a matter of time before Yamamoto Sayaka released a follow-up to her Rainbow debut. To have it come a year later is a bit of a surprise but welcome nonetheless.

She goes back to collaborating with music producer Seiji Kameda for this outing. The results continue the catchy Pop Rock sound defined on her debut. Songs such as lead single JOKER, Let’s go crazy and Doushite Doushite and good examples of what fans like about her solo work.

In addition, there is a bit of tinkering in her sound that will take listeners a little outside of their comfort zone. Tracks like Wings, Yubikiri and Kassai are the songs to note regarding this evolution of Yamamoto’s music.

So does identity stand up as a worthy follow-up to Rainbow? For the most part, it does. Some might find the experimental songs strange or out of place, and the album does slow down in spots. Otherwise, it’s a perfectly fine piece of work that continues to showcase the type of artist Yamamoto is outside the box, that is, the idol world.

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