Year of Discovery – Introduction


I spent 2018 delving into the Wu-Tang Clan. As much as I enjoyed doing that deep dive, I wanted to approach 2019 differently. Instead of going into something I am comfortable writing about, I will spend 2019 writing about music and genres I have either old, little, or no prior knowledge of before. To accomplish this, I have enlisted help.

For the next 12 months, I will listen to one new album or other musical work that is new to me, one per month. Six of those months, I will have one of my fellow Selective Hearing staff give me something to listen to, and a paragraph on why they made me listen to their choice. It is completely up to them, they can throw at me whatever they want and I will give it my full attention that month. The best part is that I won’t know what they have chosen until it is their month, so I am flying blind for half of the year. For the other six months, I’ve reached out to some friends of mine to give me music as well. Although they won’t give me a paragraph explaining their choices, I will still give their selections an honest listen (Except for January’s choice, I did that on purpose).

I’m going to approach these articles differently from my normal reviews. Instead of a holistic review, I will write about each song and my thoughts on that song along with my thoughts on the album as a whole. It’s less of a review and more of a response to the person that recommended me the music. 

The Year of Discovery schedule is as follows:

  • January – Perfume’s Game
  • February – Kelly-Mae Matt a.k.a Chiima’s Selection 
  • March – Nico & Vinz’s Black Star Elephant
  • April – Sherrily’s Selection
  • May – Beatles’ 1
  • June – Allen’s Selection
  • July – Tame Impala’s Currents
  • August – Greg’s Selection
  • September – Blue October’s Foiled
  • October – AngryDaenjangny a.k.a Hannah’s Selection
  • November – Broken Bells’ Self-titled album
  • December – Steve’s Selection

I decided to pick Perfume’s Game album to start this feature off because since Perfume is doing their world tour, and I will be seeing them live in Seattle on April 10th, I figured why not being getting familiar with their music. Honestly, Perfume is the reason why the Year of Discovery is happening. So stay tuned this year when I embark of this musical journey of mine. 

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