Junoflo – Statues Review

Junoflo Statues

Release Date: January 9, 2019

Track Listing

  1. Icarus
  2. Statues
  3. 스포티지 (Sportage ‘07 )
  4. Autopilot feat. BoA
  5. Monday Blues feat. G2
  6. Yung Luchini/BIbi Interlude
  7. Ausgang ㅌxit feat. DJ Zo
  8. Palm Trees
  9. Cliché
  10. Fools Gold
  11. 식구 (La Familia)
  12. Curtain Call (Outro)


Samuel Juno Park (a.k.a. Junoflo) is a Korean American rapper signed to FeelGhood Music. He was a former contestant on the South Korean Hip-Hop television show Show Me The Money appearing on both seasons 5 and 6 of the program.

Statues is the follow up to his 2018 EP Only Human. For 2019 he comes out with his first full-length album highlighted by the singles 식구 (La Familia) and Autopilot.

The title of the album is also its concept. Statues are produced as a way of remembrance or worship. Other times they are built as symbols to that represent an idea in physical form. Throughout the 12 tracks on the album Junoflo takes inspiration from this notion and explores topics such as vanity (Icarus), fidelity (Sportage ’07 Yung Luchini/Aunt Interlude), love (Autopilot, Cliché) and most importantly; what it means to build a legacy in one’s name. (Statues, Monday Blues)

There is a strong leaning towards grittier, street oriented Hip-Hop for the majority of the album with very few detours into R&B crossover or pop territory. Considering Junoflo’s lyrical content, his words would not hit as hard if the music he is spitting bars over did not have a bit of an edge to match what he is saying.

Unlike many modern Hip-Hop albums this one does not wear out its welcome. In fact it is very succinct in its messaging and goes peace out in just under 40 minutes. For a first proper album this was perfectly paced with each track complimenting each other. It made for a very smooth listening experience.

With that said Statues is definitely something you should take a good listen to regardless if you are a Hip-Hop head or not.


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