Year of Discovery – Suzuki Airi’s Do me a favor

Suzuki Airi Do me a favor RE

Release Date: June 6, 2018

Track Listing

  2. Mikansei Girl
  3. Good Night
  4. Hikari no Hou (Suzuki Airi x Akai Ko-en)
  5. Be Your Love
  6. STORY (Suzuki Airi X SCANDAL)
  7. Moment
  8. Kimi no Suki na Hito
  9. Tabun ne,
  10. Iin Janai
  11. perfect timing
  12. Candy Box
  13. Watashi no Soba de
  14. #DMAF (Suzuki Airi x SPICY CHOCOLATE)
  15. start again

Sherrily says:

This is an album that’s had incredible longevity for me. I’ve listened to it time and time again, yet when it comes on shuffle I still get excited instead of hitting skip. The split between rock-ish and dance-ish tracks gives it a nice contrast, and the various songwriters collaborating on this album gives it variety.

Another recommendation from the staff, and an album we’ve already reviewed. Let’s do this.


Low-key, I was hoping this was a cover of the Utada song. Instead, it’s this rock-ish song and she sounds real good on this. Strong start for the album.

Mikansei Girl

Two for two. This sounds like something later-era C-ute would’ve done, but I didn’t expect her to be able to carry this song all the way through. 

Good Night

Here is some of the dance stuff that Sherrily mentioned before. It’s fun, but I’m not sure that on future listening I’ll return to this song. Real catchy, though.

Hikari no Hou (Suzuki Airi x Akai Ko-En)

This is where the rock and dance sounds come together. It’s a bit jarring when I got to the bridge near the end, but I am pleasantly surprised. I’m enjoying this album by this point.

Be Your Love

If you blindfolded me, played this song and asked me who sang this, I would have no idea. Not only cause I can’t name that many J-pop singers, but I wouldn’t have expected like this from someone from the Tsunku tree. I would’ve believed this was by an underground, indie artist. Props to Airi. 

STORY (Suzuki Airi x SCANDAL)

I have mixed feelings about this song. I like the idea of pairing Airi with Scandal, and I do like this song. This feels off for the album, not so much the direction of the song, but rather I don’t really feel Airi on this song. This feels like a Scandal song featuring her. That being said, this might be my favorite song so far. 


Perfect time for this song. It’s slower than the previous songs, which gives the album a nice change of pace and tone. Going into the album, I figured there would be more of this style of song. Slower paced, a bit bubbly that is reminiscent of her C-ute past.  

Kimi no Suki na Hito

Speaking of slower, this coming right after Moment is also a good idea. I was worried the album would shift back to the rock/dance direction quickly, but I like continuing the vibe. This is an idol song through and through, and I am here for it. 

Tabun ne,

The idol influence continues. At first, I thought this was just one song too many, but during them middle of the song, I found myself nodding my head to it. I like the chorus, a lot. 

Iin Janai

I like how it starts out like a old-school Final Fantasy song, then jumps into actual instruments, then brings that midi sound back. I would 100% believe this song was used for a recent anime. I also like how she singing with this Enka presence. 

perfect timing

Oh man, I am way into this. I like the drums, the bass, and I like how she sings “perfect timing”. I would like more of this from her.  

Candy Box

It sounds like the album is starting to go full-circle. It’s that pop-rock that the first few songs had. It’s sweet like a box of candy would be. Not the strongest song here, but it’s still delightful.

Watashi no Soba de

It’s well-produced, but I feel indifferent about it. Maybe it’s cause there are similar songs, but I don’t find myself as drawn to this as the others.


I know I said earlier I was into the slower songs, but this is closer to a ballad and I’ve mentioned previously here on Selective Hearing that I’m not into ballads anymore. Not surprised if someone says this is their favorite song off the album, but this isn’t for me.

start again

I WON’T CRY NO MORE! I like how this is made for a live show. Imagine a sea of glow sticks in rhythm as she sings. This is a good song to end a show, and to end an album, as well.

Overall Thoughts

I enjoyed this way more than I though I would! I didn’t know what to expect, but I’m glad I listened to this. It’s cool have Airi do some cool stuff here, and hopefully she’ll get a chance to continue to explore her music. I’m stuck between Iin Jani & perfect timing as my favorite song. Ask me in about a month after this writing. Hopefully then I can have an answer. Thanks to Sherrily, cause there was no way I was going to listen to this on my own. I’m glad I did. 

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