Year of Discovery – Tame Impala’s Currents

Release Date July 17, 2015

Track Listing:

  1. Let It Happen
  2. Nangs
  3. The Moment
  4. Yes I’m Changing
  5. Eventually
  6. Gossip
  7. The Less I Know The Better
  8. Past Life
  9. Disciples
  10. ‘Cause I’m a Man
  11. Reality in Motion
  12. Love/Paranoia
  13. New Person, Same Old Mistakes

A friend of mine recommended this album to me for the Year of Discovery. The only thing I really know about them is that a lot of rappers like them. I might too, so let’s dig in.

Let it Happen

Nice start to the album with the psychedelic vibe. I also like the mix of some electro-pop as well. The song does run a bit too long, though. 


Looked up what Nangs meant, cause I had no idea. Whippets is what they are. I prefer N2O is used in cars, more. 

I like the song. I like repeating the one line over that beat. 

The Moment

In the end it’s coming
There’s nothing left to do
But I’m still not certain
Just how I’m gonna feel

I quite felt those lyrics. I’m digging the synergy between these first few songs. 

Yes I’m Changing

I’m starting to understand why my friend told me to listen to this. Not the part where there is a breakup, but rather the idea that change is occurring in all of us, and the realization of that change. I’m really into this album so far.


First of all the way that beat comes in. That’s my kind of shit. Also, I am also into the chorus:

But I know that I’ll be happier
And I know you will, too
Said I know that I’ll be happier
And I know you will, too

Yeah, relationships ending is a bummer. But they can ultimately be good, if the people learn from it and choose to remember the good parts. It’s a thing I’ve personally come to grips with, so it’s nice to hear that in a song.


Oh man, more of this. 

The Less I Know The Better

It’s a weird feeling when you feel like you’ve heard this song before you choose to actively listen to it. Maybe my friend played this song a bunch when we hung out. Either way, sonically this sounds different from everything else on the album, but it stands out in a good way. It’s a good chance of pace and vibe. 

Past Life

Nostalgia can do more damage than intended. 


I’m starting to get why hip-hop likes Tame Impala. I’m getting a lot of quotables from this album alone. 

Now it’s like the world owes you
Walking around like everybody should know you
I wanna be like we used to
But now you’re worried ’cause that means we’d lose you

‘Cause I’m a Man

It feels like Kevin Parker really had some shit to get off his chest. 

Reality In Motion

All the self-doubt and hesitation makes taking any kind of risk worth it when you are on the other side.


If I am going to listen to this album in the future, I need to be in the mood for it. The mix of being in love but also having that impostor syndrome is not something I can listen to on the regular.

New Person, Same Old Mistakes

Strong, strong end of the album. 

Overall Thoughts

It’s like my friends know me! I really enjoyed this album. I liked how both the instrumentals matched the tone of the lyrics. Everything felt right. Well done. 

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