Cherry Bullet – Love Adventure Review

Cherry Bullet Love Adventure Cover

Release Date: May 22, 2019

Track Listing

  1. 네가 참 좋아 (Really Really)
  2. 탁구공 (Ping Pong)
  3. 발그레 (Ruddy)


Love Adventure is the second EP from FNC Entertainment’s girl group Cherry Bullet and it features the lead song Really Really.

This EP is formatted similar to their debut Let’s Play Cherry Bullet where the infectious lead song is the first thing you hear. It has a playful, almost overly cute charm to it. That aspect might be a little overbearing to those with little patience for such antics. But if you want something catchy to listen to Really Really will certainly meet your needs.

The music video for Really Really continues the video game concept from Q&A using virtual reality as theme this time around. It was nice to see this bit of continuity when it comes to their promotional videos.

When it comes to the B-sides the follow up song Ping Pong tones down the ultra-cutesy vibe generated by the opening track. It may be a more satisfying listen for those who want straightforward pop music without getting hammered with a cuteness hammer.

The final song is a departure from the two before it. Lyrically it is on par content wise with the other songs. It is musically where Ruddy has a slight edge to it comparatively speaking. Its sound makes it stand out the most among the three tracks on this EP. Up to this point Cherry Bullet have been firmly entrenched in the fluffy side of pop so to hear them take on a different type of song successfully can only mean good things for their future releases.

Overall Love Adventure contains material strong enough to prevent Cherry Bullet from falling into the dreaded sophomore slump and thus keeps their hot start from earlier in the year alive. If you have not given them a chance this is a good time to hop aboard their bandwagon to see if they satisfy your K-Pop urges.

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