YENA – Love War Review

Yena Love War Cover

Release Date: January 16, 2023

Track Listing

  1. Intro: Love is Over
  2. Wash Away
  3. Love War (feat. Be’O)


Early into January 2023, teasers for YENA’s first single, Love War, started to appear with a release date of January 16. So now that the single has dropped, what new surprises do we have from her?

The material on her first two EPs lay firmly in the camp of uptempo and peppy musical vitamins. Love War flips the script and gives YENA some smoothed-out R&B to work around.

Surprisingly the title track is not the first full-length song on the single. Instead, you get a breakup ballad titled Wash Away. This type of song allows her to pull at the heartstrings as much as possible. And she does that incredibly well.

The title track is a funky piece that sounds like the aftermath of the breakup from Wash Away, where the hate for your ex is fully unleashed. It’s a shame that the one swear near the song’s end was censored.

Considering what she had been releasing up to this point, Love War could be viewed as an unexpected change in musical direction. But it could also be seen as YENA expanding her horizons to different styles of music.

Whatever the case, Love War contains a great pair of songs (I never count the intro as a full song) that should be added to your playlist immediately.


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