Yein – Plus n Minus (Selective Hearing Remix)

Yein Plus n Minus Cover

Release Date: January 25, 2022
Key: C# Minor
BPM: 94

Plus n Minus is the debut single from former Lovelyz member Jeong Yein. (going by the name Yein for her solo work.) It’s a short but sweet R&B song that gives off a chill vibe. The opposite of the flowery girl pop that she did with Lovelyz, but a very pleasant surprise if this is the direction she is heading in for her solo career.

I wanted to give the song a west coast bounce for my remix. So rather than repeat the chill of the original, I constructed a simple Hip-Hop beat accented by softer sounds to keep some semblance of the feeling exuded by the original.

I was going for something G-Funk(ish) initially but realized that wasn’t gonna work early on. So I scrapped those plans and went with what you hear in the final version of the mix instead.

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