2018 Year End Recap: The Word of Greg

Me in 2018

Personally, this year has been the worst of my entire life. I will not go into great detail because some things are not meant to be aired online for the whole world to see. All I can say is that without this site and all that comes with it distracting me, I would have lost my mind, and maybe I wouldn’t even be here to write this post. Sure, I did a shit job of keeping up with some things, but I have managed to catch up with mostly everything I fell behind on.

The lyrics of Epik High’s Home Is Far Away sum up my feelings about my life for the past year. So I’m ending this on a bit of a down note, and I apologize. It just hasn’t been a great year, despite all I have done to make it one.

I want to thank the staff of Selective Hearing for their hard work and support. Especially during this rollercoaster year, I have been experiencing. Another big thank you to whoever happened to stop by our lot of space on the Internet this year. It is much appreciated that you give us your time whether you agree with what we say.

By the time this goes live, I will be in Japan for my annual winter trip spamming some of our social media with pictures. I wish you a safe, happy new year and a prosperous 2019.

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