2022 Year End Recap: Back to Basics


2022 solidified the most significant change in Selective Hearing in quite a while. But, as I mentioned in the introduction of this piece, we are back to how we were in the site’s early years.

I’m unsure how things will go moving forward, but that’s a new adventure as we head into the new year.

Usually, I would say that by the time this is posted, I will be in Japan doing some sort of things over the New Year. But I haven’t been back in three years, and given how Japan was kind of dicks about letting tourists in, I don’t know how I feel about going back yet.

Plus, my primary reason for going to Japan was idols, and with that ship sailing away long ago, I have to think about what else I can do there that matches my other interests.

To put it shortly, I’m not gagging to go back like many other folks I know.

So instead, I’m going to say thank you to whoever has dropped by this site, whether intentionally or by accident—also, thanks to my hosting provider for helping with some issues during the most recent server migration.

May you all have a peaceful New Year’s Eve and a prosperous 2023.

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