NewJeans – Ditto (Selective Hearing Remixes)

NewJeans Ditto Cover

Release Date: December 19, 2022
Key: F# Minor
BPM: 137

Ditto is the pre-release digital single from NewJeans’ upcoming comeback OMG.

Unlike their previous songs, the sound of Ditto takes the group into more contemporary dance music territory combining Baltimore Club and Breakbeats for the musical backdrop the members are performing over.

Because of this, Ditto is less tied to nostalgia and more open to interpretation without losing the song’s essence.

Similar to what I did for Attention, I composed two different remixes for Ditto. The remix for the A Side video builds around the feeling of the chords and lyrics, allowing me to drop it into a mellow House-type of groove.

The remix for the Side B video keeps the song at its original tempo but places it into the world of UK Garage. Compared to the A Side version, this remix has more of an uplifting kind of feel, thanks to the skittery beats.

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